August? Already?
Diamond April
Posted by Diamond April
08/01/17 - 01:26AM
Happy August Luna members! We hope you’re all doing well and enjoying some sunshine! Buckle down for lots of information this month.

We’d like to remind everyone that our fundraiser is still going on! We are currently sitting at $4,405 of $10,000! Great work everyone! Please consider donating to the fundraiser so that we may keep Lunaescence up and running for a long time to come! Please click here for more information on the fundraiser and how you can participate! If you can donate, please head over to our GoFundMe! We will be eternally grateful!! Click Here for the Fundraiser page.

Any unvalidated author who donates will have priority status in the queue for allowing us to continue to run! If you can’t donate, please still spread the word!

Front Desk
We are introducing a new area on Lunaescence, the Front Desk!

This new area of the site will serve a few familiar functions, as well as introduce new and improved features. Through there, you can view the site’s revamped Dictionary, the new Forums, or view Lunaescence’s newest feature: the Author Blogs!

We also would like to announce that we’re retiring the Lunabackup Forums on Proboards. We now have brand new Forums on Front Desk. The Front Desk Forums are intended to replace the Proboards forums, so while those will continue to exist, we discourage you from creating new threads there. You can view the new Forums by clicking here.

To replace the Archive’s old concept of Author Forums -- where Validated Authors were provided their own Forum section to converse with readers -- we now have a new and improved solution: Author Blogs. If you’re a Validated Author, you can apply to have your own self-contained Blog on Front Desk.

You’ll be able to stay in-touch with your reader base, and watchers of your Blog will receive automatic updates when you post a new entry. Apply for a Blog by clicking here.

All of this is very much a work in progress, but we’re excited to introduce what’s the start of many improvements coming to Lunaescence! Because Front Desk is still brand new, content is sparse in some areas. We’ll be adding new content to Front Desk in the coming days and invite everyone to contribute their own ideas. We want you to help us shape it! You can view the thread for suggestions and contribute your own by clicking here.

New Moderators
To help you get to know the new mods, they've each selected a fun fact for you.

coffeerepublic is from Germany!
deltachye has been writing fanfiction since she was 9 years old!
fiaries loves being active, swimming, riding, running, playing sports and whatnot, but at the end of the day writing winds her down.
Goodfellow is a practicing bow hunter!
Lafrenze is working with a friend to make costumes of sufficient quality so that they can join the 501st Legion.
Shade loves mountaineering just as much as she loves writing!

Social Media
Our new social media mods are now running all of our social media accounts! Come follow us on one or all of them!

Calling all artists! The Lunaescence Team wants to feature YOUR art on our Instagram account alongside inspirational quotes and general aesthetics. Interested? Click here!

Head on over to our Tumblr for motivational quotes, Luna playlists, facts, fun, and so much more!

Our official Facebook page is the place to go if you want to talk with your fellow authors and get to know each other better!

There will also be a random story featured on the Twitter account every day along with inspirational quotes and prompts for that pesky writer's block! If you would like your story featured on Twitter, please check out the details here!

Events & Challenges!
Our nomination theme for August's featured stories was any story from our gaming fandom! Here are the nominations:
A Heartbeat for a Demon by SeasonalTea (Persona 5, 13+)
(Don't) Hold Your Breath by Straw (The Last of Us, 17+)
Here There Be Mages by Rei (Dragon Age, 17+)
Idiosyncrasy by Mozart (No More Heroes, 17+)
Proof by Penguiduck (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, 13+)

Congratulations on being featured!

Our nomination theme for September's featured stories is Superheroes. This includes any story that involves superheroes, including original works! Click here to nominate a story!

Our featured challenge for July was Lost in Translation. The amazing responses were:
木漏れ日 by Kumi (Haikyuu!!, All)
The Man Who Shook the Earth by RedWinehouse (Sherlock (BBC), 17+)

Our featured challenge for August is the Last to First Challenge! For more information, click here!

The monthly event is a FicTrade as the last hurrah for summer! For more information, or for registration, click here!

Rule Reminders
We know that Luna has only been back up and running for a few months, but we've noticed several rules that users seem to have forgotten. As a reminder, please abide by these rules along with the others on the community.
  • Do not include the pairings for stories in titles. This belongs in your summary if you feel the need to include it.
  • Be cognizant of story ratings. They exist for a reason. If there is any form of sexual content in your story, "All" and "Youth" and "13+" are NOT appropriate ratings.
  • Do not submit multiple chapters of the same story to the queue. They will be deleted automatically. The reason why is that if one chapter does not pass validation, the rest of them likely will not either.

Closing Comments

If you have any suggestions for a particular theme, event, or challenge that you’d like to see featured in a coming month, you can head over here to throw ideas in the hat!

We realize that this announcement was heavy on information, so if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of the Moderators. Moderator contact information can now be found on the Archive’s About Us page.

Enjoy the rest of your August!


Hey, so. I'm an old lady and this new fangled forum is confusing me, so I'm sorry if there is a more appropriate place there to post this. However, I just noticed I still have a blue ribbon for a fic featured in June. ^^; I think it's supposed to be gray by now. I don't mean to be rude! Also, thank you so much for the nomination on my Last of Us Story! It means a lot; I was really nervous to put that one up. Congrats to the new mods and good luck with all the new features!
- Straw on 08/02/17 - 09:12PM
@Straw no worries about posting here! I will fix that for you! If you need help learning to navigate the front desk, please let me know!
- Shade on 08/02/17 - 11:55PM
Ha, that's real nice of you to offer. I just didn't have a lot of time to peruse yesterday and didn't want to forget. I poked around during my lunch break today and found the help board, so next time I will post my questions to the right place. Thanks for your help!
- Straw on 08/03/17 - 07:06PM
Hello there! I tired to register an account on the Lunaescence Archives Front Desk, but for some reason it won't accept my entry for the Age Validation. My birth date is 01/19/90, but whenever I punch that in, it just refreshes the page. Is there some kind of bug or something? If you could let me know what to do, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!
- GuardianAngel07 on 08/16/17 - 02:51AM
GuardianAngel07 - Try YYYY-MM-DD. That has worked for others.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 08/16/17 - 06:57AM
I tried the recommended way, but it still won't accept it. How bizarre...
- GuardianAngel07 on 08/16/17 - 12:07PM
@GuardianAngel07 I will let Dia know that you're having issues. Can you send me an email at shade[at]lunaescence[dot]com with a screenshot of the error screen you're getting?
- Shade on 08/16/17 - 12:16PM
Of course. Thank you so much for your help! I'll go and send an email with the screenshot now.
- GuardianAngel07 on 08/16/17 - 08:58PM