Into September
Shade & Goodfellow
Posted by Shade & Goodfellow
09/03/17 - 06:17PM
SepTIMBER! (haha get it because leaves fall but also trees fall so... tough crowd)

Alright kiddos, we have a couple things to go over this month! As usual, please keep the fundraiser in mind, as we are still working on making our goal of $10,000. As of right now, we are at $4431! That’s almost our halfway point! Great job everyone~! To donate, hop on over to our GoFundMe page here! If you cannot spare any change this month, please consider supporting us in other ways, such as spreading the word. Keep in mind that those who donate will receive some special privileges on the site, as well as potentially some goodies! Please click here for more information on the fundraiser and how you can participate!

Front Desk
We hope everyone is enjoying the new Front Desk component of Lunaescence! If you haven’t checked it out yet, click here to take a look around! We have some shiny new features available in the Front Desk, such as a dictionary, author blogs, and the forums, in which everybody in the community is welcome to participate in.

Also the links in the side bar have been updated to now link to Front Desk instead of ProBoards. If the links don't seem to have updated for you, try clearing your cookies or deleting your browser history. This should fix the problem!

We do know about the birthday validation bug. Due to the inclement weather in Texas, work on the bug has temporarily been delayed. We apologize to the users affected by this error and will fix it as soon as we can.

If you have any suggestions or ideas you would like us to consider for the site, head on over here to drop a comment!

Social Media
For those of you that may not have heard, Lunaescence has some awesome social media sites that you can be a part of:

Official Facebook Page

There are a ton of cool things like aesthetics, member artwork, site news, writing prompts, and random stories from the site!

Events & Challenges!
Our nomination theme for September’s featured stories was Superheroes! Here are the nominations:

Ain’t No Place For a Hero by Liatris (One Punch Man, 13+)
Rule of Vanishing by Liatris (Batman, DC, 17+)
25 Years by Mai Blade (Boku no Hero Academia, 17+)

Heroic effort everybody!

Our nomination theme for October's featured stories is supernatural. Click here to nominate a story!

Our featured challenge for August was Last to First. The amazing responses were:

Signal: Signal by coffeerepublic (Boku no Hero Academia, 13+)
Number: Number by deltachye (Daredevil, 13+)

Our featured challenge for September is the Misfortune Challenge! For more information click here!

The monthly event is a Round Robin! For more information, or for registration, click here!

Closing Comments
Something of interest: there is a website called Hemingway App that assists in editing and understanding a piece of writing by breaking it down in a coherent and concise manner. It also offers an estimation of the general reading level. It seems to be a unique and helpful resource for writers, if you are interested!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to head over to the forums to share them, or find a moderator on our About Us page.

Have a great September!