Spooktacular Spooktober
Posted by Shade
10/01/17 - 06:22PM
Welcome to October! It's all about Halloween for us mods! We hope you're as excited for the upcoming holiday season as we are. This month we're hoping to scare up some fun!

First off, thank you to everyone new who has donated! And for the rest of you, please keep the fundraiser in mind, as we are still working on making our goal of $10,000. As of right now, we are at $4,513! Our donations are still steadily coming in! Great job everyone~! To donate, go check out our to our GoFundMe page here! If you can't spare any change this month, please consider supporting us in other ways, such as spreading the word and participating in site events. Keep in mind that those who donate will receive some special privileges on the site, as well as potentially some goodies! Please click here for more information on the fundraiser and how you can participate!

Front Desk

We hope everyone is enjoying the new Front Desk component of Lunaescence! If you haven’t checked it out yet, click here to take a look around! We have some shiny new features available in the Front Desk, such as a dictionary, author blogs, and the forums, in which everybody in the community is welcome to participate in.

The age validation account bug has been slain! Huzzah! If you have tried to create an account and were unable to get past the account validation, please try again. It should now work!

Events & Challenges!

Our nomination theme for October’s featured stories was supernatural! Here are the nominations:

Ocean Eyes by rubberducky1 (Twilight, 13+)

Wonderful work everyone!

Our nomination theme for November's featured stories is "Feels Like Fall". Click here to nominate a story!

Our featured challenge for September was Misfortune. Our misfortune is that nobody responded to the challenge. Hopefully this month's catches some eyes!

Our featured challenge for October is the Haunt Challenge! For more information click here!

The event for this month will be a Prompt Off! Earn street cred and the undying admiration of those around you by participating in this fun event. All participants will win an actual paper plate award that Caraina will meticulously make, and then photograph for you. For more information, or to sign up, click here!

Closing Comments

Something fun: The mods (primarily KS) have been working to restore the Lunaescence Dictionary! This nifty little resource has information on a wide variety of terms as well as information on things like weapons that are helpful for your writing. Go check out the hard work!

If you have any suggestions or ideas you would like us to consider for the site in the process, head on over here to drop a comment!

Spooktacular wishes to you all as we head towards Halloween!