May-be I’ll Have Freetime Soon~
Posted by Caraina
05/02/18 - 06:23AM
May has arrived! Hopefully everyone is handling their allergies alright.

The fundraiser is still going on! We’ve been stalled at about half of our goal for a long time. We know that money is always tight, but truly every dollar helps! We need this money to become self sufficient so that we can be around for a long time! You can find information on the fundraiser and how you can help out here! If you cannot donate, you can help out by spreading the word!

Our nomination theme for May’s featured stories was Comfort Zones!

Unfortunately, it seems like we all decided to play it safe this month, as there were no nominations!

The nomination theme for June’s featured stories is "OC Appreciation". So much love and effort goes into these original characters. Nominate a story featuring your favorites by clicking here!

Our featured challenge for April was the Making the Most of It Challenge.

Unfortunately, we also didn’t receive any entries for this challenge. You guys must be hard at work out there!

Our featured challenge for May is the”Sad but Sweet" Challenge! For more information click here!

Have a lovely May everyone!


Not sure if anyone is still here and the forums used for connecting users together when this site is down seams to be gone, but I don't know where to turn. This site is breaking down even more. Since December I've been slowly archiving my favorite stories and hopping from site to site to find authors who've abandoned this place for other sites to post their content and collecting them as well. With the growing threat of net neutrality demolishing even closer my work has hasten to only this site so I beg you hold on. I know it's a selfish plea of only one person but please hold on.
- Deathgoyle on 05/15/18 - 03:14PM
@Deathgoyle -- We are still here! Alive and well. :) I'm not sure what's going on with the forums (I can't seem to get on them either), but I will pass the problem on to our site admin, Dia.
- Shade on 05/15/18 - 03:47PM
@Shade - Thank you for responding. Some story and user links are dead not even the error screen pops up and that's not just the printable versions like before when the site just got back up. Even ones I had just viewed 20 minutes ago are only the site's header and bare.
- Deathgoyle on 05/15/18 - 04:01PM
@Deathgoyle -- Sorry this took some time to sort out. Apparently our host did some updating and forgot one of the necessary settings for Luna to work properly! Dia has sorted it all out with the hosts though.

If you see anything that's not working properly, please report it to us in the forums! And if you really love Luna and want to see it stick around... whatever change you can spare towards our fundraiser will help keep Luna up and running in days to come! :)
- Shade on 05/22/18 - 08:37PM