June Bugs Me (lol)
Posted by Goodfellow
05/31/18 - 02:47PM
It's Already June?!

I hope you're all excited for June! Hopefully everyone gets some time off to enjoy themselves this month. And hopefully you're all keeping the fundraiser in the back of your mind. We are still hoping to obtain the necessary funds to keep Lunaescence up and running for years to come, however we'll need your help to so! You can learn more about the fundraiser here! If you can't donate, you can help out by spreading the word!

Our nomination theme for June’s featured stories was OC Appreciation. Sadly we received no nominations this month.

The nomination theme for July’s featured stories is "Exposition". Nominate any story that you feel expertly showcases the author’s skill in world-building here!

Our featured challenge for June is the"Class One There’s a Rotten Egg" Challenge! For more information click here!

Remember to take a rest every now and then; don’t push yourself too hard! Have a wonderful June everybody!


ooh! the July nomination theme sounds interesting~
- CheshireCaine on 06/11/18 - 04:39AM