Don’t Disturb Greenday
Posted by Caraina
09/04/18 - 08:30PM
Hello Everyone!

September brings the first whiffs of autumn to the air~

With summer winding down, many of us are starting to get back into work mode. To those of you starting normal business hours or classes again, remember to pace yourselves as much as you can, and take time for yourselves every now and then. To those of you who never stopped working, you are incredible people and I hope you know that.

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Events & Challenges!

Our nomination theme for September’s featured stories was Style. And here is our featured story:

You Are The Right One by SweetDeath (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 13+)

Our nomination theme for October’s featured stories is Doubletake. Nominate a story that made you look at something again~

Our featured challenge for August was the “It’s Getting Hot in Here” Challenge, but sadly, it seems it got too hot, burning up any potential responses.

Our featured challenge for September is the “Silver Linings” Challenge. All darkness needs a silver lining, and all silver linings need darkness to shine in.

Our event of the month is a Mystery Prompt challenge! Every Monday, a new prompt will be posted, and participants will have one week to write something for that prompt.

Closing remarks:

We hope you all had an excellent summer! Enjoy the changing of the seasons, continue to work hard, and also make time for yourself. Balance is important!

Have a great month, everyone!