Spooktacular October
Posted by Shade
10/01/18 - 09:42PM
Have you heard of Trick-Or-Treating for a cause? Maybe your cause this year can be Luna! We are still working on our fundraiser for Luna! Please consider donating if you have some spare change! You can find out more about it: here. No amount is too small!


Firstly, there are some changes to these in the works! We will no longer be having monthly events. Instead, we're going to have roughly 4 events a year. 'Why?' you ask? Life has just been too crazy on our end to really go that extra mile for you guys during events. If we drop the number down, we can spend more time organizing the events to make sure they're a real pleasure to participate in and run as smoothly as possible!

In December, we will be having our Holiday FicTrade as always! With a few twists… most notably that registration for the FicTrade will run the entire month of November! This gives you guys more time to sign up… and also to write! Writing will be the entire month of December instead of just the 2.5 weeks it has been in past years.

Around March or April (we haven't pinned down an exact timeline yet), we will be having a Round Robin writing spree! Keep your eyes peeled for more details on that once the new year has rolled around.


'So… what about challenges?' you may ask. Have no fear! Monthly challenges are here to stay! As are the monthly features!

September's monthly challenge was the "Silver Linings" Challenge. Unfortunately… we forgot to post a forum link for responses! Please comment with the name of your challenge response and I will add it here!

October's monthly challenge is: "Pumpkin Spice and Everything …Nice?" For more info, check out our forum post: here. Please leave responses! :D

Featured Stories

Our nomination theme was "Doubletake" for October. However… we just really didn't feel like making a forum post for it last month. So we will ALSO be using "Doubletake" as our nomination theme for stories to be featured on the November announcements. Please go nominate on our forum post: here.

Closing Remarks

Everyone has been having a CRAZY 2018, it seems. So we understand that Luna has been a little slow. But WE ARE STILL HERE. Show us your love for Luna and nominate a feature, respond to the challenge, or eagerly await our next event! :D

We'll see you in November! Happy haunting until then~!


Hello there!

I just had a quick question for you.

My friend's story which had been nominated in September never received a ribbon. Is it possible to fix that?

The story was "You Are The Right One" by SweetDeath

Thank you so much for your help!
- GuardianAngel07 on 10/03/18 - 10:32PM
Sorry about that, GuardianAngle07, and SweetDeath!

I dropped the ball, but it should have a ribbon now!
- Caraina on 10/03/18 - 11:53PM
Thank you so much!! We really appreciate it ★
- GuardianAngel07 on 10/03/18 - 11:56PM
So uh, i'm new here, hello! I was wondering a few things about stories. Do you have a word count for, well, how many words you have typed in your story? Cheers!
- newtloop on 10/18/18 - 06:52PM
Hello newtloop, and welcome to Lunaescence! We do have a word count! When looking at a story summary, you will note that among the descriptors (Rated, Warnings, Main CHaracters, etc..) there is a Length descriptor. Next to that should be a number that identifies the word count. Hope this was helpful, and once more, welcome to Lunaescence!
- Goodfellow on 10/19/18 - 10:27PM