What a Wintry December!
Posted by Shade
12/03/18 - 12:12AM
Welcome to December, Lunatics! Is your holiday season as hectic as mine? Life has just gotten away from me!

Let's take some time to bring the holiday spirit to Luna with some exciting things! But first… please donate if you are able! We are still slowly working our way towards our goal. If you love Luna and wish to see it continue on for years to come, click here to donate to our fundraiser.


The Holiday FicTrade is underway! If you didn't have a chance to participate, hopefully you'll have time next time! For those who are participating, happy writing! Our next event will be in the March-April time period!


Our November challenge was "NO Shame November", which was unfortunately not very inspiring… So let us try again!

This month, our challenge is taking on a different spin! It's called "12 Days of Winter Writing". If you are in need of some help getting those creative juices flowing, this is the challenge for you! Click here for more information!

Monthly Features

Our theme was "Happy Holidays", but nobody nominated! In the spirit of still having features, I will start randomly pulling a story from a different genre each month if there are no user nominations. So… here we go!

Just a Myth by Straw (the Avengers, 17+)

Next month, our theme will be "Best of 2018". Click here and nominate your favorite story from 2018!

We'll see you in the new year! :D


Wow! Can't believe my lesbians got featured. What a dream come true.
- Straw on 12/19/18 - 06:45PM
Whoops! Speaking of, I just posted the last chapter, and apparently marking the fic as completed took away my ribbon. Might I pretty please have it back?
- Straw on 12/19/18 - 07:03PM