A Policy I'm Compelled To Mention For No Particular Reason
Kerrigan Sheehan
Posted by Kerrigan Sheehan
12/16/18 - 12:07PM
Lunaescence allows adult content.

This is a policy that has been passed down from Sally from the very beginning, and it's unlikely to change.

We've got some minor restrictions on adult content.
  • You may NOT post sexual content involving minors or real people (celebrities, for example).

  • ALL stories containing adult content MUST use the correct ratings and appropriate warnings. Explicit sexual content requires the Adult or Adult+ rating. If you know that your story is eventually going to contain adult content of any type, it's better to rate high now to warn potential readers. We won't ever punish you for rating too high, although we don't actually require the rating until the chapter containing said content is posted.

  • Adult content is ONLY allowed within story content itself. In other words, it can't be in a summary, in your username, or on your profile page. Some people view the site during breaks at school or work, so all parts of the site that aren't behind ratings and content warnings (anything that's not actual story content itself) have to stay safe for work, G-rated, clean, etc.

If you see anything you think violates these rules, let a moderator know.

Also, if, for whatever reason, a copyright holder or the original creator of a fandom requests restrictions on fanfiction for that fandom, we respect those requests.

Thank you for your understanding and happy whatever you celebrate.


No, there hasn't been a recent problem on Luna itself, to my knowledge. I just thought this was a good time to mention this particular reason.
- Kerrigan Sheehan on 12/16/18 - 12:15PM