New Year New Memes
Posted by Goodfellow
01/06/19 - 08:26PM
Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone had a pleasant 2018! As we greet 2019 with hope and optimism, please keep the fundraiser in mind! We are still hoping to reach our goal in order to keep Lunaescence online for a long time to come, but we cannot do it without your help! If you’re interested in learning more about the fundraiser, how you could help, or what sort of incentives we have for those that donate, click here!


As many of you know, the last event we held was a Fic Trade! Thank you to those of you that participated, it was a lot of fun! To see what submissions were received click here! Keep an eye open for our next event!


Our December challenge was "12 Days of Winter Writing”. We had a single submission for this challenge, which can be found here:

Oh What Fun by dark_wing19 (Ouran High School Host Club, rated 13+)

Hopefully our next challenge will garner more interest! This month’s challenge is “First to Say”. The idea here is to write out the first time something big was said! For more information on what this challenge entails, click here!

Featured Stories

Our nomination theme for January was Best of 2018. Sadly no stories were nominated!

The theme for February’s featured stories is Kiss Kiss Fall in Love. As the title may suggest, this month’s theme is all about the lovely feelings involved with falling in love! Nominate any story where this is relevant here!


hey there, I know this isn't the place but I'm having issues trying to login to the forums or even register the new name and when I select "forgot password" and type in the email it just gives me a blank Lunaescence page so I can't access the forums to post my glitches. Sorry for the trouble, but if anyone could help that'd be appreciated!
- whimsyofthewind on 01/11/19 - 05:35PM
Just curious, why wasn't there a February announcement? I just logged on for the first time in awhile.
- Chellendora on 03/05/19 - 07:36PM