PSA - Theme Switch In Progress
Posted by DIA
09/29/19 - 06:04PM
As a PSA to all visitors, we're currently in the process of switching the site's default theme (Shinigami_HPB) to the new one. Because of this, things might render a tiny bit wonky on site until the switch is completely made. The default theme, alongside all of Lunaescence's themes, will continue to be available until the newest theme is added. We'll be following up to introduce the new theme (alongside providing a support thread for reporting any issues) as soon as its completely added as default.

As an extra note, if you're already logged into the Archive, you'll have to be logged out (or switch themes via your Profile) in order to view the new theme once its fully added.

Edit/Note from KS: Because of the recent downtime, I'm leaving nominations for featured stories open until midnight US-Eastern time on Saturday, October 5th. Announcements should go up Sunday, and any stories in the queue should be emptied early next week.