Brrrr. Its kind of chilly, isn’t it?
Posted by DIA
12/22/19 - 01:01PM
Happy Winter, Lunatics!

How’s your December been? We hope you’ve been staying warm and beating the winter chill. We’ve got a couple important updates for you all, chief among them being the Revamp.

The Revamp

The Revamp has been developing as scheduled, and as the Beta page would imply—is pretty much complete. However, there’s one minor hiccup I have to discuss. I’ve delayed making this announcement in hopes the situation would improve so things could go on as scheduled, but it seems that isn’t an option. Admittingly, I’ve been battling some severe health issues, particularly in the past month or so, that require treating.

With the launch of any new platform, there’s bound to be a bug or two, or settings in need of adjustment. Small tweaks, really, but nevertheless things that ideally should be handled the moment they’re reported. If we were to launch the beta as initially planned right now, I’d worry I wouldn’t be immediately available should a tweak need to be made. I’d like to be 100% on hand and ready so if an adjustment is requested by users, I’m available to get it done within the same hour—something I can’t guarantee currently.

For that reason, I’ve decided to push the date back – something in which I sincerely apologize for. An upside to this situation is it gives me an extra opportunity to hone some of the aesthetic aspects of the site, and possibly throw in a few extras (night mode, anyone?).

Now, for an official launch date (that is, a public launch available to everyone, including non-donors), please look to February 29th.

The Closed Beta has a confirmed date of February 15th. If you’re a fundraiser contributor—and thus, eligible for the Closed Beta, you can expect to receive your login information between February 7th and February 12th. Please note that there’s no need to contact us for your account information, as we’ll be sending details to everyone on record as a fundraiser contributor.

Ahead of the official launch, please note the Queue will close February 22nd and reopen on the new site.

Queue Status

To start 2020 off right, Kerrigan Sheehan and I will be working on clearing out the current Queue before the end of the year. If you haven’t received any feedback regarding a submission yet, you can expect it within the next 10 days.

Moderator Applications

If you’ve always wanted to join the ranks of Lunaescence’s hardworking Moderators, your time is coming. We’ll be opening Moderator Applications Spring 2020. Not only will our new Moderators enjoy working on a brand new platform, but there are extras and perks that now come with the position, specific to the new site.

If you find Lunaescence has been valuable to you as a writer or reader—please consider applying! We’re more than a little short staffed at the moment, and more Moderators on hand means Lunaescence can improve faster and function more smoothly due to a better workload distribution.

Best of 2019

Lunaescence wouldn’t be Lunaescence without all its wonderful readers and content contributors. To honor another year of amazing submissions, we’ll be rounding up the Most Popular pieces of 2019 and presenting them to you as our ‘Best of 2019.’

As an extra thank you to our writers—we’ll also be paying homage to the Most Active Contributors of 2019 by giving them a special feature as well. Next month’s announcements will also feature the return of our Monthly Nominations and Featured Challenge, so get ready to nominate your favorite story—or alternatively, get those creative juices flowing and the inspiration you need for a new piece with a quality writing prompt. You can look forward to this, and more in next month’s announcements!

Final Days of the Fundraiser

As previously covered in the DEV Blog, we’ll be closing out the fundraiser at the end of the year. If you’d like to make a last minute contribution or secure a reward of your choosing, you have until now and December 31st.

Happy Holidays Lunatics, and we look forward to seeing you in 2020~


Ah, that explains how quiet the announcements have been. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well; hope you feel better soon. For what it's worth, that seems like a perfectly good reason to delay the opening to me. Merry Christmas!
- Straw on 12/22/19 - 02:29PM
Happy Holidays!!!

Health is more than a good reason to step back or push something back and I can only send you great well wishes that it improves for the start of the New Year! I hope you had a great Christmas!!!

Best of luck with the launch!!!! Unfortunately the state ate a bunch of my money, and the holidays, so I won't be able to contribute more to the fundraiser :( I hope it got at least a good boost!
- whimsyofthewind on 12/30/19 - 07:19PM