Lunaescence Archives Rules

Last Updated: 31 May, 2012

Please read and understand these rules before submitting to this Archive.

  • This is a moderated archive. This means that we ask that stories be free or reasonably free of errors with spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Before your story will be posted, we have to look it over to make sure it meets our quality standards.
What We Look At: What We Do Not Look At:
Correct Spelling Mary Sues / Gary Stus
Correct Punctuation Original Characters
Correct Grammar Specific characters or characterizations
Word Usage:
  • You use the right word for the right thing.
  • You know the difference between words that sound alike.

    • their, there, and they're
    • here and hear
    • bare and bear
    • two, to, and too
    • know and no
Specific Pairings -- Romantic or otherwise
Adult Content:
  • Homosexual Relationships
  • Sex Scenes -- Explicit or otherwise
  • Sexual Innuendos
  • Drug references / usage
  • Swearing
  • Violence
  • et cetera . . .
You use paragraphs to more or less correctly format your story. Specific kinds or types of stories (e.g. Reader Inserts, CYOAs)
No Chat Shorthand (e.g. plz, thx, ppl) Specific genres or themes.
No Sticky Caps (i.e. "sTiCkY cApS") Specific fandoms, series, or titles.
The story is not in ALL CAPS. Your story's actual content . . .
Understandable dialogue formatting.  
  • Exceptions: We will permit stories that use ALL CAPS, Chat Shorthand, or sTiCkY cApS as temporary effects in a story. (e.g. screaming, chat rooms, text messages, video games).


    • Emphasis: Kaiba didn't care what it took, they WERE NOT going to get away with it.
    • Speaking Effect: "LiTtLe BoYs LiKe YoU aLwAyS sAy ThAt At FiRsT," The Hollow said.
    • Screaming: "SASUKE-KUN!" Sakura screamed.
    • Text Message: The letters "OMW!" blazed back at him from the screen of his cell phone.

  • Be sure to always save a copy of your story to your computer, print it out, save it to a disk - anything. If we ever have to upgrade or service this archive, there is no guarantee the stories will be able to be transferred over. Also, as with any Web site, there is always a chance that a server crash will cause a loss of anything saved to this server.



General Web site Rules
  1. Verify your account. New members must log onto their account within 14 days.

  2. Use your account. Members with no stories posted must log onto their account at least once every 3 months. You do not need an account to read or comment on stories.

  3. Do not abuse HTML. HTML, some CSS, and Images are permitted in your Author Bio. Please do not abuse this!

  4. No Plagiarism. We define plagiarism as taking a story, poem, or other writing that doesn't belong to you and claiming it as your own. This is a zero tolerance offense and will result in immediate banning when discovered.

  5. No abuse. Absolutely no flaming, no spamming, no trolling, and no bashing. We don't care how mad you are or who you're angry with, keep it off the archive!

  6. No stories that depict adults having sex with children. Due to legal and ethical concerns, we can't accept stories that depict adults in sexual relationships with children. You may reference a character being raped or molested, but may not actually depict it.

  7. No stories that depict real people in sexual situations. Due to legal concerns, we can't accept stories that depict real people (e.g. actors, singers, athletes) in any kind of sexual situation, explicit or otherwise.



Archiving Guidelines
  • Put your story in the right category. Please be sure to place your story in the appropriate category with the proper rating, genre, story type, warnings (if any) and with a descriptive summary to set it off from the rest of the stories in this Archive.

    If you need a character or category not in this archive already, ask on the forums and we will try to have it added in within 24 - 48 hours.

  • Give your story the right rating. We provide six different ratings for stories. Please see our FAQ for the full explanation.
Our Rating Meaning
[All] - All Ages / Readers -- Should not contain anything questionable at all.
[Youth] - Young Readers -- Ages 6 and up.
[13+] - Teen Readers -- Ages 13 and up.
[17+] - Mature Readers -- Ages 17 and up.
[Adult] - Mature / Adult Readers Only
[Adult +] - Mature / Adult Readers Only -- Hidden; requires membership and consent to read.
  • Please avoid interrupting your story with notes or messages. Reader insert blanks, footnotes, and parenthetical citations are fine, but please place most author notes and comments at the beginning or end of stories.

  • All character biographies, lists, and prompts MUST be accompanied by at least one chapter. Those submitted without a corresponding story are subject to deletion. If you need a sounding board before you begin writing, please use the forums.

  • Please submit only ONE chapter at a time. Please only submit one chapter at a time for multi-chapter stories. If there's something wrong with one chapter, there might be something wrong with the others. We also can't guarantee we'll approve the chapters in order.

  • Be Patient. The people who run this archive have lives too. Most of us have other responsibilities that are more important than reading fan fiction the moment you post it. It can take anywhere from 24 hours to weeks for us to get to your story.