Lifespells, Magus, and the Organization--Oh My! by Ria [Reviews - 0]
Summary: The Magus: those who know of the magic in every person and are able to use Lifespells. The Organization: villains by circumstance only, they search for their hearts. When these two groups come together, chaos (and perhaps romance) is the only possible outcome. NOTE: The stories in this series are not related to each other except for the idea of the Magus. They are not sequels to one another.
Categories: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: None
Genres: Action, Angst, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Story Types: One Shot, Reader Insert, WIP
Warnings: Angst, Death, Mild Adult Situations
Challenges: None

Kingdom Hearts

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Mild Adult Situations
Main Characters: Other, Reader, Axel
Genres: Comedy, Romance | Story Types: One Shot, Reader Insert
Length: 1 chapter(s) / 15629 words | Complete: Yes

Summary: (One-shot) (Birthday fic for Aileadh!) So three guys walk into a bar--wait, you've heard this one before? So you know that two of the guys get drunk, and one of them decides to hit on a girl? And you know that said girl just happens to be a Magus studying a manipulation spell? Hah. Didn't think so. (You/Xaldin)
Published: 06/14/07 | Updated: 06/14/07
Kingdom Hearts

Rated: 13+ | Warnings: Mild Adult Situations
Main Characters: Axel, Other, Reader, Xaldin, Xigbar
Genres: Angst, Comedy, Romance | Story Types: Reader Insert
Length: 5 chapter(s) / 28963 words | Complete: No

Summary: [ON HOLD indefinitely] So what do you do when you're wanted for murder by the Conclave of Magus? Why, hire a bodyguard, of course! ...and there is no rule whatsoever prohibiting said bodyguard being drafted against his will for the job. (You/Xigbar) [December 2006]
Published: 04/27/07 | Updated: 01/17/08

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