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Q: Why do you have so many genres/ratings/types/warnings?

Answer: People come to this archive looking for many different things so we decided to offer as many as we could. Sure, some of them are excessive and probably have never been used -- but we'd rather be safe than sorry.

Q: What do those little icons next to the stories mean?

Answer:We use icons to mark stories as Featured, Award-Winning, Holiday or Round Robins.

  • Features
    • Feature Featured: This story is the current "Story of the Month".
    • Previous Story of the Month' title= Previously Featured: This story is a previous "Story of the Month".
  • Holidays
    • Valentines Story Valentine's Day Story: This is a Valentine's Day or White's Day themed story.
    • Halloween Story Halloween Story: This is a Halloween-themed story
    • Thanksgiving Story Thanksgiving Story: This is a Thanksgiving-themed story
    • Christmas Story Christmas Story: This is a Christmas-themed story.
    • New Years Story New Year's Story: This is a New Year's Eve or New Years Day themed story.
  • Seasonal
    • Spring Story Spring Story: This is a Spring-themed story
    • Summer Story Summer Story: This is a Summer-themed story
    • Winter Story Winter Story: This is a Winter-themed story
  • Awards
    • First Place First Place: This story won first place in a site-sponsored challenge.
    • Second Place Second Place: This story won second place in a site-sponsored challenge.
    • Third Place Third Place: This story won third place in a site-sponsored challenge.
    • Fourth Place Fourth Place: This story won fourth place in a site-sponsored challenge
  • Other
    • Round Robin Round Robin: These icons mark your story as a "Round Robin" or an interactive story.

Q: Why is my word count off?

Answer: That's an old bug. It should fix itself when you update your story.

Q: I don't like a certain type or genre of story, how do I exclude certain stories from the listing?

Answer: You can exclude certain types of stories and series using either the sort menu at the top of all the story listing pages or by using the advanced search function.

Q: What is a genre?

Answer: A genre is kind of a category or class that tells your reader what themes, settings, symbolisms, etc. are included in your story.

Curious about what the genres really mean? Check out our Genres List.

Q: What ratings system do you use?

Answer: Due to the MPAA's decision to begin sending out Cease and Desist orders to any archive that uses their G - NC17 ratings system, we came up with a new system to rate stories. It's very simple and based on age.

They are as follows:

Our Rating Age Group Explanation
[All] - Safe for All Ages - Should not contain anything questionable at all.
[Youth] - Young Readers
- Ages 6 and up.
- Should contain nothing truly questionable.

- May contain:
-- Minor action violence without serious injury
-- Minor gross things.
[13+] - Teen Readers
- Ages 13 and up.
- Our most popular rating.

- May contain:
-- Some violence
-- Coarse language
-- Crude humor
-- Mildly suggestive themes and overtones
-- Mild references to drugs.
[17+] - Mature Readers
Ages 17 and up.
- NOT suitable for children or the sensitive.
- Please refer to the story warnings for more information.

- May contain:
-- Strong but non-explicit adult themes
-- Violence
-- Drugs
-- Strong language.
[Adult] - Mature / Adult
Readers Only
- NOT suitable for children or the sensitive.
- Please refer to the story warnings for more information.

- May contain:
-- Explicit/graphic sexual content
-- Graphic violence
-- Graphic drug use
-- Explicit language.
[Adult +] - Mature / Adult
Readers Only
- NOT suitable for children or the sensitive.
- Hidden; requires membership and consent to read.
- Please refer to the story warnings for more information.

- May contain:
-- Explicit/graphic sexual content
-- Graphic violence
-- Graphic drug use
-- Explicit language.
This system was developed with the help of authors Aikyo, Asher, Bender, edwardmorte, Eraya, and Crimson. Thank you so much, you've been a tremendous help!

Q: Who rates the stories?

Answer: It's up to the authors to choose their own rating. We don't rate stories for them, though we do encourage authors to be conservative and rate higher if they're in doubt. Warning boxes appear on stories rated [13+] and up, giving a brief warning regarding the story's content.

If you feel that a story has been rated inappropriately, please e-mail us at archive[AT] or use our Contact Form and let us know. If you do this, please supply the URL of the story and let us know why you think it was rated incorrectly.

Q: How do I know if I've chosen the right rating?

Answer: Really, it's up to you to decide. Basically, ask yourself what rating your story would get if it was a movie or TV program and then use my ratings list to decide.

Q: My story is between ratings, what do I do?

Answer: To be safe, always rate higher than you think the story actually is.

Q: What's the difference between [Adult] and [Adult +]?

Answer: The [Adult] and [Adult +] ratings are provided for our adult fan fiction authors. They're aimed at legal adults who understand that what they're about to read may be disturbing or contain material unsuitable for children/sensitive people.

[Adult] simply provides a pop-up warning box and guidance to warn users about the story's content.

[Adult +] was requested by some of our authors who felt their stories contained truly questionable material that they didn't want young readers finding. This rating is set up so you have to be logged in and have agreed to the age waiver located in your profile.

Either way, by agreeing to the age waiver and/or clicking "OK" on the warning pop-up you've basically told us that you're mature enough to read that story.

Q: Why can't I read [Adult+] stories even though I agreed to the age waiver? What's going on?
Answer: This is most likely a problem with your browser's cache.

Most web browsers save bits and pieces of Web sites inside a folder called a "cache." The idea is to make Web pages load faster since you're not having to download every little thing all over again. But sometimes it doesn't always work right. In this case, your browser may be using an old copy of the code that controls access to the adult stories.

If you want to try clearing it, we have instructions for the most common browsers.

Q: Can I disable the the warning pop-ups?

Answer: Right now, not without us disabling it for guests too. Unless I'm mistaken, this has been refined for the next version of the script.

Q: What ratings do the pop-ups appear on?

Answer: Ratings pop-ups will appear on stories rated [13+] and up.

Q: How does the Age Waiver figure in to ratings?

Answer: As of right now, the age waiver only applies to the [Adult +] rating, though later it may be used to disable the warning pop-ups.

Q: What is a story type?

Answer: Story type basically refers to what kind of writing your story is. Is it a letter or a poem? A short story or a long, epic novel?

Curious about what the story types really mean? Check out our Story Types List.

Q: What is a warning?

Answer: A warning is just that, a warning to inform readers that there may be something in your story they may not like. Is it a fic meant to gross people out or otherwise disturb them? Do you swear enough to make almost anyone blush? Or did you write it while you were drunk or on an epic sugar buzz?

Curious about what the warnings really mean? Check out our Warnings List.