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First of all, this is a free, moderated, online library for original poetry, prose, essays, and fan fiction. This archive was created out of frustration with the other major archives and the lack of quality stories. We aren't a company or corporation; we're just a couple dumb college students who still happen to like their cartoons.

Now, the official stuff:

1. We reserve the right to decline or remove any stories or accounts we see fit with or without prior notice to you, the Author.

2. You must log onto your account at least once every 3 months.

3. Absolutely no flaming, no trolling, and no bashing. We don't care how mad you are or who you're mad at, keep it off the archive!

4. Absolutely no spamming! We don't care how much you like or dislike a story, do not spam!

5. By making an account you're saying you're mature enough to act like civilized human being, not a little kid.

6. This archive is not set up for children under age 13. This is mainly because 1.) we grade submitted stories at or about the 9th or 10th grade level for spelling and grammar mistakes and 2.) many of the stories in this archive contain material that would be questionable for young readers.

If you are under 13, please don't make an account.


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