"Little Red Sleeping Poorella" by katsekala

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I have a very long time to write a story and I always wanted to do a challenge. I had fun writing it and I hope you have fun reading it.
The song that is mentioned in the story is "A tout la monde (Set me free)" by Megadeth. Great song.

Little Red Sleeping Poorella

The hunt…

Once upon a time…

“Get back here, little red animal!”

So that he could kill you more easily, no way! However, you didn’t utter those words in fear of losing your breath; you needed every last bit of air if you wanted to get away from the Demon of Namimori.

How you ended up in this situation, you may ask. Well, it all started one fateful day…

A week before the hunt…

It was an awful morning. You woke up due to period cramps and it took a while for the painkiller to kick in. Thankfully, you managed to be at school on time. Dealing with the Disciplinary Committee was the last thing you needed.

The hours passed painlessly and finally it was time for lunch hour. You went to a secluded part of the backyard that you had found in the past by accident and you retrieved a very large chocolate cake from your bag.

It was a sin in the form of food, but you didn’t care. It was the only thing that eased your discomfort during your period and – dammit – you would eat it even it was the last thing you would ever do!

Nevertheless, luck wasn’t on your side that day.

“Eating sweets for lunch is against the rules.”


“I need it.” You refused to look at the member of the Disciplinary Committee that had spoken to you.

“Herbivore, put that cake down.” You assumed that he was one step away from attacking you if you judge by the tone of his voice.

I need it.” Like hell you would let your sweet angel be taken away from you!

“I won’t repeat myself.” You heard the sound of something being caught by a hand. Would he really use a bat to hit you over a cake?

Anyway, you didn’t care. You would eat that cake and not even the Apocalypse happening would stop you!

“And I said I F@#$ING NEED IT!!”

You weren’t proud for what happened next, but damn that guy who wouldn’t get the hint to leave you alone!

Long story short, you attacked him like a ferocious beast, using your right shoe as weapon. Yes, you took off your right shoe to attack a guy with tonfas. How you weren’t dead, you didn’t know. You assumed it was all dumb luck that you gave him some good hits (he had blocked most of them) and a bite.

...Yes, you bit him. Specifically, you bit his forearm. How exactly that happened you didn’t remember clearly. Somehow you tried to block an attack and you used your teeth. Why you did that, you didn’t know. You just blamed your hormones which were going haywire due to your period.

Once you realised what you had just done, you ran away as if your pants were on fire, ignoring that you were wearing only one shoe or that you abandoned your chocolate cake. You ran to your classroom, grabbed your bag and left school without care.

You had a feeling that you had screwed up. It was but the next day that you realised just how much.

The next day of the incident…

Your life was officially over.

The guy you had attacked the previous day wasn’t just a member of the Disciplinary Committee; it was Hibari Kyoya. Hibari freaking Kyoya. The chairman himself.

It was time for you to write your will. You didn’t want to leave any loose ends once you departed from this world, right?

You could have stayed at home, but why did you have to delay the inevitable? He would kill you one way or the other; at least you would die with your head held high.

You were a nervous rack by the time you reached your classroom and sat at your seat. You were praying constantly for a miracle to happen and not die via Hibari.

Someone up there must have taken a pity on you and spared you from the frantic search of the terrifying chairman. However, you couldn’t have said the same thing about the short male Namimori students.

You see, during the incident you were wearing a large red hoodie. You were feeling cold due to your period blood running out of you and your too large-for-you red hoodie was the only thing that was keeping you warm during your period days.

So, when Hibari had confronted you, he couldn’t see either your face (the hood was keeping it hidden) or your other female characteristics (the hoodie was covering you from head to toe). Thus, he had assumed that you were a short boy that was a student in Namimori Middle (there were no intruders in school with Hibari around).

Hibari was searching every classroom that day. He picked up the short boys and was forcing them to wear your abandoned right shoe to see if it fit. You pitied the boys who looked like they were about to die from sheer terror, especially Sawada who seemed to always have the worst of luck, but you couldn’t say anything; not if you wanted to stay alive. Not even when Gokudera was about to attack Hibari with dynamites if he didn’t let go of his ‘Tenth’.

In the end of the day Hibari was frustrated he couldn’t find his red hooded attacker and the short male students were traumatised. You felt guilt for feeling relief it wasn’t you in their place, but a look at the chairman’s way and the guilt evaporated instantly. Better them than you, right?

Just a few minutes before the hunt…

A few days passed and it seemed that the incident was forgotten since the culprit wasn’t found. It was a close call. You vowed to yourself to not ever let your hormones control you again. They put you into more trouble than you could handle.

It was the end of the school day, but you remained behind since it was your turn to clean up the classroom. You had just finished when you noticed that your red hoodie was still hidden in your bag since the day of the incident.

It was a bit chilly and no one was around. Sure there wouldn’t be any harm if you wore it, right?

Wrong. So wrong. A hundred times wrong. Wrong in the infinity.

“Little red animal. I found you.”

Yeap, Hibari appeared. The man had silent feet! You hadn’t even noticed him passing outside your classroom!

And thus, the hunt began…

Continuation of the hunt…

There is no need for a high IQ to assume that you ran the second he noticed you. You were outside with the scary prefect running hot on your heels.Your lungs were burning and you could faint from exhaustion at any time; alas, you couldn’t afford to stop. You preferred to die from running and not from Hibari’s beating.

Unfortunately, your luck had dried up. At the worst possible moment you tripped. You freaking tripped.

Goodbye, world. That was your end. It was a fun ride.

Abruptly, a hand grabbed the back of your hoodie and lifted you on your wobbling feet. “No more running away from me, little red animal. It’s time for you to take responsibility.”

Something inside you bristled at those words. You saw red and this time you couldn’t blame your hormones. It was all you and you only.

“Take responsibility? Take responsibility? YOU STARTED THIS WHOLE MESS!”

The slight widening of his eyes indicated Hibari’s surprise at the sudden change in your behaviour, but you didn’t take notice of it as you were lost in your anger.

“All I wanted was to eat my chocolate cake! You have no idea how annoying and painful period cramps can be and you took away my only comfort! I won’t take responsibility for something that you had it coming, you obsessive sadistic psycho!”

A tout la monde, a tout mes amis, je vous aime, je dois partir… (Translation: To all the world, to all my friends, I love you, I have to leave…)

Great! You would die and that song that sprang up in your head would be the last thing you would ever hear!

Suddenly, Hibari reached out with his right hand and pushed your hood back. “You’re a female.”

“I was born one.” Seriously, what did he expect you to answer?

“This changes things.”

You knew you would regret asking, but you had to ask. “What do you mean?”

“The first time I saw you I thought you were just an idiot herbivore. However, you didn’t back down and you attacked with the ferocity of a proud carnivore that would not let anyone get hold of his prey.” The chocolate cake was your prey? What?

“I was surprised and that put me at a disadvantage. You managed to bit me. No one has ever managed that.”

Then, he pulled back the sleeve of his right arm, showing you the still visible bite on his forearm. “This bite is a sign of your dominance over me.”

That bite was a sign of your stupidity, but you didn’t dare utter that.

“However, you ran away before our battle came to a conclusion.” Battle was a glorified statement, but you supposed that his pride didn’t let him admit it for what it really was; an act of extreme stupidity and loss of sanity that caught him of guard.

“Therefore, there was no clear victor. I searched for you to determine that.” So, he wanted to beat you into a pulp.

“You challenged my dominance and therefore, if you won, I would give over my territory, as well as my position as the head of the Disciplinary Committee to you.” Like there was even a slight chance that you would ever beat the Demon of Namimori. And even if by some miracle you did beat him, what you were supposed to do with the Disciplinary Committee? That wasn’t your thing at all.

“You are good at hiding though. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. A strong carnivore that disguises themselves as a lowly herbivore.” Oh God, he smirked! He had a bloodthirsty smirk on his face! You were doomed!

“You shouldn’t be hiding your true nature, but I understand. Strength attracts lowly herbivores and you want to be left alone.” Why was he stepping towards you? And you wanted to be to left alone, especially by him.

“D-Dude…” Why were you stuttering, dammit?! “What you’re saying doesn’t make any sense. And you still haven’t answered my question.”

He was dangerously close to you, within arm’s reach. And he still had that smirk that made you scream internally in terror.

“As I said before, if you were a male, we would fight for dominance. Since you’re a female though, your attack had another meaning.” For Christ’s sake! You only wanted to eat your chocolate cake in peace!

“You noticed that I was a fellow carnivore and you attacked me to reveal yourself to me as a carnivore. The fact that you bit me shows that you’re strong and male carnivores want strong mates.”

…Had he just said what you thought he said?

“However, female carnivores such as you won’t give themselves to just anyone. You would only take the strongest as a mate.”

“W-Wait…” You had to stop this before it escalated further.

Any words died at your mouth when he extended a hand to caress your cheek. What was he doing?

“I am going to court you and have you choose me as your mate.”


A few weeks after the hunt turned confession…

Every day was a nightmare. Every day since that day of Hibari’s weird confession. The fact that your punch at the end of it took him by surprise and actually connected with his face made him want you even more. Not to mention that it had another unpleasant consequence in the form of Sasagawa Ryohei.

The guy was searching the entire school for the one that gave that ‘extreme’ punch that ‘extremely’ blackened Hibari’s eye, so he would recruit them to the boxing club. Thankfully, Hibari kept his mouth shut, protecting you from the loud boxer, no matter how said boxer was pestering him to reveal who was the one that punched him. However, you had the feeling that Hibari didn’t reveal you not out of the goodness of his heart (what goodness?), but because he wanted you only for himself. Honestly, you didn’t know what it would be worse; Hibari’s violent and insane affection or Sasagawa’s ‘extreme’ pestering.

Back to the topic, Hibari was driving you crazy and you had become a rather violent person as a result. It wasn’t like you had any friends you could possibly scare off with your new attitude, but people started to get scared of you. Until that day they just ignored your existence.

He was persistent, so persistent. You had made it absolutely clear many times that you were not interested and that he was losing his time. You would never get along with an extreme (damn that Sasagawa!) violent person who categorised everything into herbivores and carnivores. You weren’t in the jungle, dammit! And you were humans! He didn’t care though. He kept driving you insane with his antics.

One day your class had an important written exam. You studied a lot to get a good grade. You were trying to concentrate on the task, while outside at the schoolyard, just below the window of your classroom, Hibari was being heard punishing a trouble maker. You could tell that your classmates and your teacher were bothered as well, but they didn’t dare do anything. You tried to ignore it at first, but you reached your breaking point soon enough.

Rising up from your seat, you opened up the window and leaned outside to yell to the prefect. “CUT IT OUT! I HAVE AN EXAM AND I WANT TO GET A GOOD GRADE, DAMMIT!”

The teacher and your classmates were petrified that you talked to the scary chairman that way, but you ignored them.

Hibari paused his ‘activity’ and looked up at you from the ground. “This lowly herbivore was disrupting the peace.”


You could sense that everyone else except for Hibari and you was holding their breath in terror and suspense, including the beat up guy before Hibari.

“Alright, little wolf. It would be a shame to fail the exam after pulling two all-nighters in a row.”

You exhaled in relief. “Thank you. I appreciate- Wait… HOW DID YOU KNOW I PULLED TWO ALL-NIGHTERS?! ARE YOU STALKING ME?!”

That was one of the many incidents that involved Hibari and you. You were exhausted. You were always on edge because you never knew when he would show up suddenly and court you in his weird way.

For example, he had some of the members of his committee kidnap you to bring you to him for a picnic date. You had no idea how to defend yourself, but that didn’t mean you wouldn’t fight. You were punching and kicking with no set target. Eventually they managed to kidnap you, but by the time they got you to him you had KOed several of them.

The excitement and the lust you saw in Hibari’s eyes after he had seen his downed underlings made you bolt away from him the second you had the chance. He managed to catch you of course and bring you back to where he had set up the picnic. You were too exhausted to fight back after that.

Surprisingly, you had a good time; both of you just ate peacefully. That moment of peace didn’t atone for the numerous moments of sheer insanity.

And a moment like that came at the dead of a night.

You were sleeping deeply when you felt something soft brushing your lips. As time passed, the feeling became more intense. It was when a wet appendage started entering your mouth that you snapped awake.

You were frightened as you woke up from your sleep suddenly. You hadn’t realised what woke you up until you saw him above you, straddling you. His face was inches away from yours and his body was pinning yours on the bed. Luckily, his body was above the covers and wasn’t in direct contact with yours.

“Please tell me that you are just a nightmare and I’m still sleeping. Because if you’re really here and you did what I thought you just did…” You left your threat hanging for more suspense. Not that it would intimidate that certain guy.

“I am here and I have just kissed you, little wolf.”


“Little wolf?” If he were any other person, you would assume that he was anxious about your reaction. You could never be sure with Hibari though.

“I won’t ask how you got in here since I’m pretty sure that I won’t sleep peacefully ever again if I knew. However, I really want to know why you thought it would be a good idea sneaking in my house, in my room, while my parents and sister are sleeping down the hall, and kissed me while I was sleeping like a stalking creeper would do.”

His face didn’t show anything, but his eyes… He was ashamed of himself and anxious. Were always his eyes so expressive or was it only when he was with you?

“I…” Insert bashfulness here. “I wanted to see you, little wolf.”

Oh no. His sweet side showed up again.

Hibari was always a sadistic and violent person. However, he had an irresistible sweet side; how good he was with little animals like Hibird and Roll (it still baffled you how a hedgehog could be purple); when he took note of your discomfort when you had your period again and brought you chocolate cake, defying his own rule; when you had failed that certain exam (yes, after all that studying you failed due to the stress of that day) and you were sad, he sent a daisy to you delivered by Hibird as an apology for causing that said stress and to brighten up your mood; when you and the rest of the class retook that exam after he ‘convinced’ the teacher (you aced it by the way), he had left a note on your desk stating that he wouldn’t wish you good luck because he was sure of your success.

And then there was that simple reason, which was that he wanted to see you. A simple, yet honest and sweet reason.

Your body moved on its own, shutting out your still sleeping mind. You kissed him and he immediately started kissing you back. It was getting more and more intense by the second when it hit you like a train that fact that you were kissing him.

A sudden push and you sent the guy out of your bed, on the floor. He wasn’t fazed though. “Wao”. And he just licked his lips, anticipation and lust evident in his eyes.

You pulled your hair in distress. “What the hell have I just done?”

The scene after the credit rolls…

“I’m sorry, but could you please repeat what you have just said? I’m afraid my hearing is failing me lately.”

“I am here to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage, sir.”


And they lived happily ever after?

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