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Yo, all.

Call me Mad, short for Mad Hatter. (I wear a hat all the time IRL!)

Gender: Female, last time I checked

Location: Sitting on top of Hayato~! : D *Gokudera grumbles*

Birthday: Oh, May 16th, but my age is a secret~! ;D

Occupation: YOUR LORD AND MASTER! *bricked*

Likes: Food. Anime. Maga. The occasional eye-candy that comes passing by. XD POCKEH. Sweets. (apparently chocolate makes me go bat sh.t insane.) Hayato~. Video games.

Dislikes: Obnoxious bastards. Things that make me go BOOM. (I.E things that can cause potential harm to my person seeing as I am a MAJOR klutz o.o.)

Hobbies: Writing. Day dreaming. Apparently I have a problem when I bake/cook whenever I\'m bored and or worrying about something. >.>

Quirks: I spot random gibberish and facts whenever an awkward silence falls. :D I say no a lot. *hearts Japan* I get cranky as HELL when my blood sugar drops.

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lol, Clueless? XD

I DO get that alot though . .. >.>

I hope my future lover doesn\'t take advantage of that. >3> *secretly does*

Mad: *stands on desk and bellows out the window* I LOVE GOKUDERA HAYATO!

Goku: W-what the hell?! Don\'t just go yelling out stuff like that!

Mad: But . . . you\'re my little cupid Hayato-kun~!

Gokua: Where the hell did you get a stupid nick-name like that from?!

Mad: You use an archery-type weapon, just like G-san does! *smiles*

G.: Don\'t you dare drag me into this. T_T

Mad: Wouldn\'t dream of it, past lover~

Goku and G.: WHAT?!

Mad: *Smiles and sips tea*


G.: *facepalms*

AnimeNEXT piccy\'s! :D (I am Genderbent! Death The Kid! *strikes pose* Meh Buddy was Genderbent Spirit XD)

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