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I have finally taken the initiative to actually type something here. I really don\'t think that anyone actually reads these though....well, i do. I don\'t count though. Anyway, i really like writing when i have time. Which, by the way, i usually don\'t. Luckily i can access this site from pretty much any computer. Continuing(?) on...
I prefer to write short stories and poetry, but i also have two looooooong stories i\'m in the processes. Right now my baby (Tales of a Habitual Liar) is not on here, but is on Deviantart. I encourage you to read it. Now. Just kidding. It sucks at the moment, rewrites!
That is really all i have to say right now.

i hate capitalizing the letter \'i\' outside a story...
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About my services: Hi, i'm Krio. I like reading fiction however, I find some of it has some.....errors. I think those good stories shoudn't have those errors. Now i'm new at this so far, so don't be hatin on me yet. I'll read anything really (mostly on subjects I know), but i'm willing to learn about new ones.

I am a part-time grammar nazi and my friend (and beta partner) is a grammar hitler. Neither of us will stand for things such as plot holes, SEVERE lack of plot (unless it's a pointless yet entertaining PWP or crack!fic), and other common errors. I'm not saying we're perfect, but I think we can help.

Can Help With Spanish Translations!

Thank you for reading this,
KrioLynn and Lle
Will not read: I do not like yuri. Sorry, but that's just not my thing. Mild's alright, but forget the heavy stuff.