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I got a laptop recently, so I now have a place to store my information, and I can go on this site way more often now. Thus, updates should occur as often as they get validated, and I will try to always have at least one thing in the validation queue.

To Do List
~Find USB stick with the False Fates updates on it...
~Update False Fates
~Upload the songfics I\'ve written...(waiting for validation)
~Black Prince and Vegeta drabbles/oneshots
~Update the other thigies that I haven\'t done work on it forever...
~...Start a new series...or two... :D (Such a bad idea...)
~Therapy for my tendancy to overuse ellipsis\' might be a good idea too.

Coming Soon
~Nightcrawler story
~Sanctuary story...possibly...
~Drabble Stories
*More to come
Beta Reader Profile
Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Overall Impression
Status: Open
About my services: Best with checking spelling, grammar and paragraph flow. Decent with judging OOC or IC.
Will not read: Yaoi, Yuri