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You\'ve managed to stumble along my profile, gold star for you. C:

| Current Status | Reader mainly, but currently working on her own fanfictions.
| Current Fandom Kicks | Skyfall/James Bond, Criminal Minds
| Permanent Fandoms | Harry Potter, South Park, THG, Super 8, Homestuck, The Avengers, Silent Hill

| Random Facts |
- Regardless of what people have to say about them, I\'m a massive sucker for Reader-Insert stories. They may or may not be my favourite type of fanfiction.
- I have an undying love for many, many fandoms. To find out what they are you can check around through my favourites, check the ones I\'ve mentioned above that I\'m on a kick for, or simply ask! (:
- I love reading drabbles and one-shots! It\'s pretty rare to see me reading a long story, unless of course it\'s simply amazing.
- I\'ve been writing for a long time; I have shelves upon shelves of filled-up journals at home. ^-^
- I may not post that much, but don\'t get me wrong, I write more often than I breathe. You\'ll most likely find me lurking around on Lunaescence, favouriting and reviewing for the most part.
- One of the reasons I don\'t post much, is because I\'m extremely protective and secretive about my fiction xD It\'s weird, but I like keeping it all to myself.
- I always appreciate constructive criticism- don\'t be scared to leave me some in a review.

Remember to check back here once in a while for updates and stories. (: And I don\'t bite, so leave me a message darlings!

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