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-Hello! Lupin here, But you may call me Lupo or Lupi if you pefer...
Lupin, Lupo, and Lupi are the names I use on most of my other online accounts, So maybe you already know me. O.o

-Because this is the Internet, I\'m not exactly comfertable giving out super personal info (Full Name, Age, Adress, ect.) So please dont ask!
However, If you would like to know anything else about me, Please feel free to ask.

-I try to keep good grammar in all of the stories/fanfiction that I write so if I make ANY mistake, do tell me! I would like to become a better writer than I already am so I always accept some help from others! Having said that, dont get all mean or rude when pointing out a mistake/mistakes... Constuctive crtisism ONLY please... ^^\'

-Also, most/any of the fanfiction that I write here will be Hetalia! Yes, because I really do love Hetalia and I wish to get better at writing it... Practice makes perfect, yes? ^^


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  • Spelling
  • Characterization
  • Plot
  • Overall Impression
Status: Open
About my services: -Hello! I do work as a Beta-Reader for any AxisPowersHetalia fanfiction writers. Why? Simple- I want to see more great Hetalia fanfics on this site!

-I will read ANY type of Hetalia fanfcition you throw at me, be it Fluff, Horror, Drama, Self-Incert, ect.
-I will read ANY rating

-I will point out anything wrong/give ideas to make your story better
-I use constructive critisism ONLY! That means that I will point out the good and the bad without just yelling at you for a mistake
-When I give an idea for your story, you DO NOT have to accept it! Its just my personal opinion!

Will not read: