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Greetings! I love to write and have written tons and tons of stuff. Fanfiction, original fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, all kinds of things.

I signed up here mostly to have a place to upload my Link/Dark Link fanfiction, from Ocarina of Time, but once that\'s up I expect I\'ll put up some other stuff too.

I love getting feedback, so don\'t hesitate to leave me a comment. :) Although I\'m not looking for serious literary criticism, writing is my hobby, I do it for fun. I\'d like it to stay fun.
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About my services: I'm happy to give anything a read, though I am busy and some stories may take a little time to get through. I also am not a fan of every single thing under the sun, so some fandoms may be more familiar to me than others. (I personally write for My Little Pony, Zelda, and Final Fantasy.) Please do let me know what you expect from a beta reader though. I normally only point out major problems, and try to do so as nicely as possible, so if you want me to be more detailed, or want me to be brutally honest, you'll need to let me know.
Will not read: "Reader insert" fics. The second person just annoys me on a literary front and I don't enjoy them. Other than that, there is not a fandom, pairing, or fetish that bothers me. (Well, noncon with kids is a bit... eh. But it's not allowed on here anyway.) It's all fiction, no real people were harmed. I may not know much about some of 'em, but I've yet to run into one I wouldn't beta.

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