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Hello all anime/fanfic fanatics! I write Hetalia fanfics currently. (ones that I decide I\'ll share XD) Some of my favorite animes are Hetalia, (obviously), Soul Eater, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, and many others I can\'t think of right now. I also love video games!
I\'m happy if you\'re spending your precious time here...reading this bio.
I\'m rather new on this site, so please excuse any little errors I happen to make, eheh. I usually write with pencil and paper, cuz I\'m old fashioned like that. Typing is nice too though, click click click. This site is oh so prettily designed ^^. (excuse my getting off track)
I feel like I should be sharing something else...okay, I love the color blue. :D
Any advice or recommendations is appreciated! *bows rapidly *
Currently working on: posting pre-made fics, A Very Merry Hetalia Valentine\'s Day. And doing all my research, for everyone who nit picks on fanfics. Yes, I\'m talking to you!
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Status: Open
About my services: I'm new to lunaescence, but I have real-world experience with grammar and judging writing. I won't horribly criticize or degrade you. If anything, I'd be excited to read a piece of work. (I'm horrible at perusing this site) I'm not a stuffy old lady either XD.
Will not read: I WILL read basically anything. No uber violence filled things though. Where you get REALLY descriptive with the gore. And I'm not too good with, um, very...outlined lemons... *coughs*