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Welcome one, welcome all, welcome the one without a thought, and the ones who whisper curses under their breaths in lectures. I am new here; if you havenít realized that I applaud myself for being able to fool you. As for writing, though, Iím not extremely new to that, though the aspect of writing for such a prestige audience such as yourselves makes me kind of wary of how I place this or that. Yeah, a nervous wreck I am, neh?

Well, to introduce myself, I am Mute Angel, haha, the irony that you wouldnít understand. This is a form of how I write. Many thoughts within the actual writing cloud my word so that soon it doesnít make any sense. Iím trying my best at keeping fragments out of my stories. Iíll get onto ideas for stories in a moment. I want to brag a bit, I donít usually get to do that, and I shouldnít be doing it now but Iíll do it anyway.

Iíve taken classes on non-fiction, poetry, fiction, and script writing. Iíve written several two hundred page manuscripts. Iíve never been published. I donít think Iíll ever be published. I work on my school newsletter. I work on my schoolís website/literary blog.

Now for what Iím useless at: Everything. Isnít that sad? Confidence drops into the waves and screams as it floats farther away from me. I canít swim. Nor can it. This makes it completely difficult. Why canít I have plot bunnies like some of you? I want those, can I have some, please? Just put them right in front of me, Iíll love you for it, haha.

I laugh way more than I actually should, just so you know that.

Right now, Iím working on multiple things. For this site I want to publish two stories. One is Switchblade and another is Armored Night Mares, but who knows how far that will go?

Well Iíll let you go if you stayed this long. Hope to see you when my writing comes up!

Thank you.


Mute Angel

Voices carry on past the grave.

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About my services: I've been taking multiple writing classes and have attempted at perfecting my own writing, though at some points I might miss something. I've edited for,, and also multiple novels written by friends. I've been writing since 5th grade and have written and edited over four hundred pages at the moment.
I'm not going to lie, I'm still learning like everyone else. I'm a bit slow in regions and only have English as a language, so, yeah. I guess I won't lie today then!
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