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Oi! Its Veggie Briefs here, I finally decided to write a bio. I felt like I needed to because I kinda got back into writing...but not really. I\'ll probably post drabbles and shit once in a blue moon. I do like writing and wish I did it more but I\'m highly against the lack of reviews that authors get. That\'s the reason I write and if I don\'t get them than what\'s the point? So I\'m rather stubborn in that believe. You people are the ones who miss out when you don\'t review. (Shit I\'m happy with one word reviews even)

Name: Dana
Age: 21
Height: 5\"1\'
Weight:..Yeah, like I\'ll tell that
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: Mostly Italian

I got a loud mouth and a sharp tongue but I am nice, comical and childish ^^. In NY getting my Bio degree.

Title: (Working Title)
Anime: Saiyuki
Pairing: Kenren/Reader/Gojyo
Rating: Adult
Summary: Everyone needs to be perverted with someone
Response to DestinedXDreams\'s \"69 Dirty Words\" Challenge
Completion: 20/69

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