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There is a man with the email and a common screenname of Darknight-of-Gotham. This man is a pedophile and a rapist, and if he tries to contact you, block him. Or spam him. Nothing is too bad for him.

Hi! I\'m Freya, but I also go by Ryohei, Lussaria, Hatori, Hana, and about 50 other nicknames.

I\'m part of a three-person team working on 101 one-shots. Go check us out at our crack-on-a-stick account ^^

I love way too many anime/manga/games to list, but right now I\'m really into:
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Suikoden 1 and 5
Jack Frost
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

I\'m really horrible with talking about myself in this sort of thing, so I\'ll update as things occur to me ^^

Meh, please read Ocean? 54 hits, and no reviews is a little depressing T_T

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About my services: I am a grammer/spelling Nazi, so keep that in mind when you send me your stories. I'm really into comedy and romance right now, so I'd prefer those kinds of fics at the moment. This is my second stint as a beta reader, and my third as a proofreader-type. I think I'm pretty easy to work with, but we'll have to find out ^^ I look forward to working with you!
Will not read: I really don't want to read angsty stories, or death-fics. Other than that, I'm open to pretty much anything ^^