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Greetings visitiors and readers,

In the past, I went by the pen name Darkgirl1404 but now I changed it to a more current pen name of mine, Chie \'Dark\' Tsuki. You may call me Chie or Dark.

First of all, I just want to say thank you for visiting my corner. If you\'re familiar of my story \'Dark Love\' (my horrible fan-fic from one of the beginings of my creativity) in, then you know the right person. As for your information, I\'ve abandoned the site for making my stories that I\'d published a havoc after they upgraded the site to a better whacko version. Feel free to read my stories here or any other sites that I\'ve stated below. I\'m not really active on this site for various of reasons.

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His Butler\'s Obession

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