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Hithurr(: My name is not Eliza May, but it\'s pretty darn close, so you can call me that :D (my real name is a hushhush ;))
I have a strange obsession for depressing stories and classical music. I\'m a perfectionist, and if I can\'t do something well, I tend to not do it at all. I\'ve been playing the violin for four years, and the piano for less than half as long. I\'m in the 8th grade and 2nd chair in the Honors orchestra (stupid Christopher >.> jk, I love him ^.^), and I love the violin with a passion. I also play tennis. But I kinda suck, teehee:D I like to write, but I like reading muchmuch more. My current weird infatuation for a fictional character is Shusuke Fuji from Prince of Tennis. :D Oh, and I love God. So yep. Um. Well, that\'s it. If you want to know me, get to know me. You\'ll probably learn nothing from here.
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Will not read: An absolute that I won't check are lemons. I don't hold anything against them, but it's not exactly the type of story I would write, which would obviously come to the conclusion that I wouldn't be able to check it as well as others could (unless you only require a spell check, because that I can do). One that I would never even look at is a horror. It may sound childish, but I get incredibly paranoid after reading/watching anything even mildly scary. I most likely won't check a story's plot if it's about an anime I haven't seen, or one I don't know much about unless it's mostly an original story based off of a few aspects from the anime but not really following the anime's story line. Other than that, I will most likely read your story and check over it, though it's not gauranteed that you will like any suggestions I make for your plot.

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