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~*~ Basics ~*~

penname: Galliai-San
birthday: 16th of May
age: Between 10 - 18 :D
likes: reading, writing, art in general really. Lollies, friends and life to name the basics
dislikes: being bossed around, homework, boring teachers that have no personality, spiders, show-offs, exams and other things I wouldn\'t like to bore you with!
nationality: aussie mate ^^
languages: english, basic chinese and japanese. wants to learn Italian and German!
anime: katekyo hitman reborn!, bleach, naruto, naruto: shippuden, ouran high school host club, soul eater, full-metal alchemist and starting to watch other animes
games: spryo, kingdom hearts I & II, and Final Fantasy: Dissidia


~*~ Favourites ~*~

anime: katekyo hitman reborn! and BLEACH
bishes: [KHR!] - dino, tsuna, yamamoto, colonello, giotto and spanner.
[BLEACH] - toushirou, ichigo, shuuhei and kaien
[Naruto] naruto, kakashi, sasuke, deidara and kiba.
[OHSHC] tamaki, takashi and honey
[Kingdom Hearts] sora, roxas, cloud
[Final Fantasy: Dissidia] cloud and tidus
movie: none at the moment..
song: Alice Nine - Tsubasa
genre of music: rock, metal, pop, J-pop, J-Rock
colour: red, all shades of blue



6th of June, 2010

time: 9:22pm
music: Alice Nine - Hana
feeling: tired and exhausted
writing: nothing.... :(
liking: warm PJ\'s!
disliking: THE COLD!

It\'s been too long Lunae~! Hopefully I\'ll get back into writing soon enough. I\'ve finished my mid-year exams! Woo. Just two more weeks of school.... D:< As you know, the southern hemisphere is suffering the coldness. IT\'S WINTER! Well, winter offically started 6 days ago :) AND IT\'S FREEZING! I might be exaggerating a bit. But yeah. Cold, no way. Sun, yes way :D

ALICE NINE! Best J-rock band in the world. Listen to them if you love J-Rock :) Oh and can\'t possibly! forget about SuG! :D


\"alice :)


~*~ Work ~*~

\"I Missed You\"
Hitsugaya / Reader

\"Meaning in Life\"
Hitsugaya / Reader

\"Katekyo Drabble Book!~\"
Various / Reader
3 / 25

\"10 Stages of Love\"
Dino / Reader
1 / 10

~*~ What\'s happening in that oh so creative mind of mine...~*~

*sighs* I don\'t know.

Maybe try out some J-Rock fanfiction? :D Alice Nine? :D

And... Some, more... Katekyo? Like Giotto, Spanner, all those new characters :)

Maybe. Some. REQUESTS! O.O

Shall see what happens in the next week or twooo :D

\"Bleach lololol. :)



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