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Hello everyone, its Lavender-chan!

Just as an announcement to my (*coughonecough*) followers, I now have an account on!

Luna is a great website and I'm happy that its not going to close, but since my (*repeated*) attempts at being validated have been fruitless, and the mods are starting to nitpick just a tad (I understand quality, but I /don't/ understand denying a chapter because of /two/ words that are in the wrong tense....*ahem*).

Because of this and a few other things, I will be starting the process of moving my fanfiction over to:

Over on AO3, I plan on posting the sequel to "And The Things That Followed...", called "The Fallen"

Please feel free to look me up!

As for Luna, I'll try my best to ignore the kinds of things that have made me become disenchanted with this site, because Luna is a very user friendly site; so expect a few more updates here and there (of course, any readership I had might be gone, if you're reading this, can I just adopt you? lol) and a new story coming soon-ish.

Feel free to contact me with anything you have on your mind, a question or concern about a story or even if you just want to chat, my email is updated with this site whenever it changes.

Hope you guys will keep up with me!

Be sure to drop by on to see my stories!
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