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HIATUS: All of my stories are on hiatus at the moment. School just started, and I\'ve had to deal with several big changes, so I have to sort out my life for a while before I\'ll start updating again.

I won\'t really be reading much, either, so if I\'m a steady reviewer on any of your stories, I\'ll be catching up later.

In fact, pretty much the only reason I\'ll still be on for a while will be to mod. That\'s it. That\'s all. I\'ll be actively moderating, but not doing much else.

When I\'m sorted out and can focus again, I\'ll be back. Hopefully that will be soon.


Let\'s see... I\'m Wanderer. At the moment, An-chan is my favorite nickname; the other good one is Algie. My full first name remains undisclosed \'cause I feel like it. I\'m currently twenty years old (Holy—! I\'m old. Wow.) and I\'m going to a state college~ (finally out of that JC). I\'m rather much of a lit nerd, but I also talk funny sometimes., that totally made sense.

I have dozens, quite possibly hundreds of stories in notebooks. Most of them are on hold and shall never be finished. But sometimes I\'ll post them. I\'ve got nine stories up now, and eventually I\'ll post more. Maybe. Someday.

Reviews make me happy, and sometimes make me update faster, though that is subject to delay by laziness, schoolwork, housework, job-work, and writer\'s block.

4/26/11: Oh my fudgesicles, this is awesome. I\'m a mod. I had to spend like ten minutes reading Sally\'s news post to make sure I wasn\'t hallucinating. I\'m fairly sure I\'m not, though. XD

5/30/11: Finals successfully completed and recovered from. I shall now spend most of my summer here. ^-^

7/5/11: ...I\'ve been spending most of my time modding. Sorry for not updating, really. I\'ll get around to it someday.

9/22/11: ASDJKLFGHI, YES!!!!!!!!!!
Ahem. KHR manga updated today, and Byakuran\'s back, and Yuni\'s back, and, and... yesssssssss. I\'m so happy. I am. I\'m so, ridiculously excited about this arc, \'cause everybody\'s there~!

-This email address was made specifically for Lunaescence-related stuff. Feel free to email me any time you have a problem or question, or just for fun ^-^

gmail/gchat (brand new as of 7/15/11)
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