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I\'m a 26 year old girl who loves her imagination and needed an outlet for it all. So I started writing about the anime I absolutly adore.
Anyway since I\'m still a beginning writer I love to know what you think of my writing and my stories ^^

Destined to always be alone
I dream of a guy to love
But reality is not that kind
If love can only excist in your mind
So you struggle to change your fate
But all you get in return is hate
No one cares how you\'re feeling inside
So you stay hidden in the night
Where no one knows who you are
Or asks how you\'ve sunk this far
But still I dream of a better time
When people don\'t consider me slime
A time after this curse has gone
And I can finally love someone


Just to give you all a heads up, I\'ll most likely be stopping my updates on this site \'cause I feel like I\'m not actually getting anywhere with my writing. Don\'t get me wrong, I love writing, but I keep making so many faults in my grammar and punctuation (even with my beta\'s checking these stories for me) that I decided to stop posting here for the time being. I hope to have a better understanding of the English language in the near future so that I\'ll start posting here again, but for now, it\'s a done deal for posting on luna. I can only learn so much at a certain time and college is consuming enough of my brainpower to put this less important thing on the backburner.
I thank you all, my readers from luna, for the great reviews you\'ve given me so far. If you do want to continue reading my stories, you can always find me on gotvg.
Thanks again for all the support you\'ve all given me over the years. ^_~
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