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I decided about a year ago, to write down all of my dreams into a dream journal, well, i am finally realizing how creative all my dreams are, as strange as they may be. So, i have made the decision to turn all my dreams into stories. The series will be call Dreamscape. Keep your eyes out for them, coming soon. ~Rosemary

Basic Summary: My name is Cami Scovotti, I am a sophomore. I guess you could say that im not your average girl. I am a Jesus freak, i play the trombone, i am a dancer, but also a kickboxer and a wrestler. I love drawing and painting, But my passion lies with Automechanics. I intend on going to UTI to be an automotive technition, and maybe one day design cars for FORD. Thats the dream anyway. I try to be as nice as i possibly can to everyone that i meet, but i can throw down when i need to. I don\'t tolerate discrimination well. At all. I love meeting new people. I would be perfectly happy having a million friends. I might not have the best grades, but i\'m smart. I\'m good at psychology too, getting inside people\'s minds, and i love using it to be able to make people feel better. Making someone smile or feel better is one of the best feelings in the world. That\'s the kind of thing i live for =)

What makes a Cami:
Lots of laughs
A lot of love
Complete faith in God
An addiction to music
A love for disney movies,
Ability to play trombone, guitar, and piano.
The need to Dance
The tendency to trust too easily
A strong heart
A dream
and finally
The 1oo% weird, crazy, quirky, uniqueness that is me =)

\"Photobucket\" Thats me and My sister, Megan. I love her, ALOT. \"Photobucket\" My cousin, Danica, The very most important thing in my life. LOVE to the face. \"Photobucket\" Reed, a great friend of mine, beautiful inside and out. \"Photobucket\" And finally, yours truly =)
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