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Name: Hiirana
Alias: Hiirana Yuki
Status: Author
Join Date: 02/12/10
Last Logged In: 10/25/11
Skin: Shinigami_HPB
Contact: Yahoo IM yukino.9854
Hallo! I\'m Yuki~
I like writing (coughsmutcough) and drawing. Hurp derp.
Reviews are really nice. Nice things indeed...-holds a review closely and pats like France pats Italy-

hehehe. I\'m a Touhoufag, and a proud Hetalian. -does the captain morgan pose- *shot*

I\'m still in school, and I will be for a while. I\'m always on yahoo and facebook, go ahead and add me, but let me know where you\'re from, k?

Anyway...this is a boring bio. My stories are (hopefully) more interesting than this. Go read them. Now. -gets her assault rifle-
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