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New News

And in the span of two days... the new KH story was updated! Amazing isn\'t it? Anyway, the next chapter\'s probably not going to up til the weekend. Busy with school and all. Till then...

Old News

Oh look guys, I\'m back! Anyway, posted a new KH story called Searching for an Answer. Not sure where it\'s going to end, but I have a few ideas for the beginning. We\'ll see how long I keep with it.

Incomplete Stories

Boldly Going Nowhere One-Shot = 7%
Cupid’s in the Form of a Fox: Chapter 5 = 10%
Dressing In Drag: Chapter 2 = 5%
In Magic, In Mystery: Chapter 2 = 99%
Plans of Mischief: Chapter 5 = 0%
Searching for an Answer: Chapter 3 = 0%
The Greatest Camping Trip Ever… From Hell: Chapter 3 = 0%
Trouble in Serene Paradise One-Shot = 5%

Complete Stories

Out to Lunch – Kingdom Hearts – Reader/Demyx – One-Shot
Café Serene – Fruits Basket – Reader/Hatsuharu – One-Shot
Candy Thief – Kingdom Hearts – Reader/Sora – One-Shot
A Treat for Halloween – Kingdom Hearts – Reader/Riku – One-Shot
Paopu Fireworks – Kingdom Hearts – Reader/Riku – One-Shot
Confession on a Wedding Day – Tokyo Mew Mew – Reader/Ryou – One-Shot
Sweet Snow Madness – Yu Yu Hakusho – Reader/Hiei – One-Shot
Stalker-Like Tendencies – Kingdom Hearts – Reader/Riku – One-Shot
Unsaid Tales – Original Story – Horror – One-Shot
Valentine\'s Chocolate - La Corda D\'Oro - Reader/Hihara - One-Shot
Jealousy from a Twin - Ouran High School Host Club - Reader/Kaoru - Ficlet
Fiery Match - Original Story - Romance - Ficlet
April Fool Pranks - Ouran High School Host Club -Hikaru/Reader/Kaoru - Ficlet
Common(er) Punishment - Ouran High School Host Club - Reader/Tamaki - One-Shot
Special Valentine - Gakuen Alice - Reader/Tsubasa - Ficlet


A Hiei One-Shot for Nichole
A Shimizu One-Shot for lostbeyondwordz

Chaptered-Story Ideas

Title: College… Is This REALLY College?
Genre: Romance, Humor, Drama
Series: Hana-Kimi
Pairing: Reader/Nakatsu
Summary: College, the last step before one goes out into the “real” world. You had come prepared for all the troubles you might encounter, but never did you expect that!!!

Title: Hiei…The Demon Kitty Cat
Genre: Romance, Humor
Series: Yu Yu Hakusho
Challenge: Pet Love by DarkNinja246
Pairing: Reader/Hiei
Summary: A cat. It just had to be a cat. For all the animals for him to be turned into, it had to be a cat. As if he did not have enough with being teased by Kuwabara, now he’s gotten himself lost as well. What next? He’d get kidnapped?

One-Shot Ideas

Title: Type… D Reactions
Genre: Humor, Romance
Warnings: Crack-induced Fic
Series: Naruto
Holiday: Valentine’s Day
Pairing: Reader/Sasuke
Summary: You looked at your list on the paper taped to your wall and smiled. Your current and also preferred victim, had their name circled, which of course meant they were next on the list. And perfect timing too… since Valentine’s Day was right around the corner.

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