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Name: sunameri
Alias: Grace
Status: Member
Join Date: 05/11/10
Last Logged In: 11/16/18
Skin: Shinigami_Blue

Eye Candy:
SHINee - Jonghyuuuunnnnnn ugh
EXO - Especially Kai/Kyungsoo/Bacon/Chanyeol/Tao/Lay/Kris OH MY GLOB no it\'s impossible to choose, OT12.
Kim Byungdo / Ji Hyunwoo
Seo Inguk
Colin Morgan\'s cheekbones!
Bradley James
Daniel Bruhl
Logan Lerman (aka Rogan Lemon)
Josh Hutcherson
Robert Downey Jr.
Captain America (Hello~ Chris Evans~)
Uzumaki Naruto
The Weasley Twins

Likes: Online shopping, Korean corn chips, red bean buns, namayatsuhashi, azuki daifuku, dark chocolate pear almond tarts, BBC Sherlock Holmes, The Big Bang Theory, Chaos, How I Met Your Mother, summer, spring, The Cab, The Fratellis, the Jersey Boys, the seaside, volleyball, water guns, watercolour painting, student exchange, karaoke a la Whitney Houston

But whatever, no one reads these things anyway. Making lengthy paragraphs about things I like is fun.

�君の好きな歌� - UVERworld

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