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Heya all, I\'m Shadow. I\'m the older of the two of us, and more...*ahem*...mature. I\'m interested in alot of stuff...I guess I should make it much clearer.

I\'m involved in band. I\'m a trombonist (BONER!) that is trying to learn baritone. I\'m totally stoked for marching season (No, it ISN\'T football season. It\'s MARCHING SEASON. And we march on the MARCHING field. After all, we use it more than them.) I do play in a concert band, but I prefer marching. Much more thinking involved. I play in jazz band as 4th trombone, so, right now, I\'m saving up for a bass trombone. (way too hard...waiting until I at least get a job)

I also am in choir. I sing 1st soprano (highest), but, recently, I found out I\'m actually a 2nd alto (lowest). How odd, eh? I guess my trombonist nature carries on into my singing career. I\'ll be audtioning to be in a \"beautyshop quartet\", or all girls quartet.

Guess, what, I\'m also involved in drama. Now, don\'t imagine me onstage, dancing, singing,, I don\'t play in the pit orchestra either. I\'m a techie. A techie ninja. With a black beret. I\'ve done lights and sound. Haven\'t done make-up, costumes, or scene shift yet. I prolly WON\'T do make-up or costumes. lol.

I write off and on. When I do, it\'s normally pretty dark. Maybe I\'ll post one here, and you\'ll understand.

I draw...sometimes. It isn\'t NEAR as good as Amaryllis\'s, but it\'s getting better. (She will deny that she\'s a good artist, but she\'s really good. Ignore her complaints about it, lol)

And...ya. I think that\'s all you need to know about me. Amaryllis\'s turn~
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