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Currently on a little hiatus, but I might update every so often :)

Here we go!
My name is Mia and whoever you are, it\'s nice to meet you :)
I\'m currently a high school student, half-way done with through my freshman year. You can probably tell by what I write, but I am a big fan of anime, manga, and games. Of course, I like to read a lot (novels too) and watch movies as well. Um... feel free to contact me, I really like to chat :D

The Basics:

Name: Mia
Preferred Names: Mia, Maggie
Age: Here\'s a hint - in my teens ;)
Birthday: December 6th
Location: Texas, USA



Anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Manga: Honey and Clover
Game: The World Ends with You
Book: Romeo and Juliet
Band: The Pillows
Character: Haruko Haruhara
OTP: Simon&Nia


Currently in love with/working on:

Anime: Blue Exorcist
Manga: One Piece
Game: SMT: Persona 4
Book: Godless
Band: Plain White T\'s
Character: Yosuke Hanamura
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