Member Profile: Panda Hero
Name: Panda Hero
Alias: Tessa
Status: Author
Join Date: 02/07/11
Last Logged In: 01/18/12
Skin: Shuriken
Location: Ah-meeeerica.

Age: I\'m at that awkward stage between birth and death.

Relationship status: Crazy cat lady

Favorite Bishie: Russia from Axis Powers Hetalia... uidhvgfduboigdhsjuigdfjkiuvxcjkd

Fandoms: Vocaloid, Axis Powers Hetalia, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Harry Potter, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Code Geass, and Gash (or Zatch, if you prefer) Bell.

I like history, doting over cats and small children, reading sappy romance novels, writing excessively but never showing anyone any of it, drawing stuff nobody cares about, extremely loud music, secretly thinking dirty thoughts, eating lots of junk food while my metabolism can still keep up with it, and repeating anything funny right after it occurs.

Somebody else: I had some Wheaties for breakfast.

I don\'t like being separated from my iPod/other sources of music, being hungry for more than ten minutes, actually turning my homework in on time, or breakfast for dinner.
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