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Hello, there!

Pleased to meet ya\'.

So, if you\'re eyes somehow managed to wondered to this corner of Luna, among the vast author profiles, then that must mean one of two things: You\'ve read the reviews I left behind or, my stories compelled you to check out my page. But! Since I\'m not validated yet, I\'ll assume the latter has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Whatever the case, I would like to thank you for your time. If and when I do get validated, then I hope you have enjoyed my first story; My Lovely Tutor. There will be more stories, drabbles, one-shots to look forward to. The following is a list of what I have in store for now:

My Lovely Tutor 5/12.
Summary: This story revolves around the frustrating relationship between a reluctant tutor and her troubled pupil, Kazuma Kuwabara.
Pairing:Kazuma Kuwabara | Reader.

Free Falling: One-Shot: Completed.
Summary: His laughter was beginning to grate on your nerves.
Pairing: Robin (Dick Grayson) | Reader. Implied (if you squint).

Free Falling Sequel (will come up with better title) | One-shot| WIP
Summary: Sequel to Free Falling.
Pairing: Robin | Reader.

Now a tid bit about me as a Luna Author. I mostly write reader-inserts just out of practice to write. I find the hobby to be very nice and relaxing. There\'s nothing like expanding your imagination, right? Anyways. I\'m still at this awkward stage where I\'m trying to feel comfortable writing in certain genres or portraying certain characters: I can\'t fully wrap my mind around Young Justice/ Teen Titans/ or anything DC related. I feel most at ease when writing about Yu Yu Hakusho but that will hardly stop me from trying different things. In fact, I like unorthodox pairings, focusing on character development, and expressing emotion. I hope to eventually write a story about Gargoyles (my most favorite animated series of all time!!!!), dip my fingers into the world of Yu-Gi-Oh, during the egyptian arc, Dragon Age, ect ect.

And I guess that\'s it for now.
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