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[A B O U T]

→ stands at an average height of 167 cm.
→ self-proclaimed insomniac and coffee addict.
→ old enough to drive yet chooses not to.
→ fandom hopper.
→ homebody.
→ sagittarius.
→ video game junkie.

[C U R R E N T S]

→ song(s): \"she is the sunlight\" by trading yesterday
→ book: \"city of lost souls\" by cassandra clare.
→ written work: xxx
→ icon: alucard from hellsing

[W O R K S]

title: Hero\'s Work
fandom: Adventure Time
pairing: finn/reader

title: Downward Spiral
fandom: Naruto
pairing: kakashi/reader
summary: \"Struck by Cupid? ....More like hit by a bus.\"

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