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Hello there! I\'m Twilight Prinny, otherwise known as Ali. Or Prinny works too. :)

I\'m Your typical teenage girl, I suppose. I enjoy anime and manga, reading, music, making friends, playing video games, etc.
I prefer action and adventure genres in most categories that they can be applied to. I don\'t particularly care for High School dramas even though some of my favorite anime happen to be dramas set in a high school setting. */bricked
J-pop/rock and Vocaloid happen to be my favorite music at this moment, but I also really like American alternative rock music. You know, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, blah blah blah. I\'m sounding more stereotypical with every sentence, huh? =.=;;
I aspire to learn at least conversational Japanese when I enter college in the fall.
I have a Gaia Online account, but I haven\'t used the thign in YEARS and it\'s grown so old and rusty... But you can always try and add me if you like. I check it on occasion. Very RARE occasions when I\'m so bored I want to lick a window just to do something. die.
I\'ve got so many silly story ideas but I don\'t have the slightest idea how to put them onto paper and even if I did I don\'t think I could quite do them justice in words unless I wanted them to sound like this introduction of my self: A senseless rambling just because I can....
Well, if you\'ve made it this far in the paragraph, here\'s more fuel for your creepy stalker-like reading!

Mood: Lazy *yawn
Watching: Black Rock Shooter
Reading: Errrrrrr.... I read Ao no Exorcist..... All 8 volumes in English
Listening: Illusionika by Eletrocutica (Did I get that right?)
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Orange Juice
Playing(game-wise): Devil May Cry
Working On: Some sort of weird drawing thing

Listen to this terrifying version of Electrocuitca\'s Reversus! It takes a wonderful song and makes you want to cry yoursefl to sleep at night because it\'s so terrifying.
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