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I love to draw and read stories. I would like to become a cartoonist or a sports medic. I written my own cartoon series and hope to get them to be in the hearts of young children everywhere. If you want more, I would be glad to talk to you.

My favorite anime is (in no particular order)
2.Yu Yu Hakusho
3. Ruouni Kenshin
3. Inuyasha
4. From far Away
5. Descendant\'s Of Darkness
6. Saiyuki
7. One Piece
8.Shaman King
9. Bleach
10. Trinity Blood
11. Vampire Doll
12. Me and my Brothers

and many more.

Okay what is new with me...

I have started a new series called Another 100 Challenge!!! More love for the Bleach series and I left my other story off in a bad place. Figured I make another story and end it right without a big cliff hanger.

My really big story, Itachi\'s Friend...sadly to say I am not updating that one as soon as i would like. The story keeps changing for me and I really don;t know when I am going to be inspired to write more for it. Sucks I know because I want to finish it! I hate leaving stories not done!!!

I am still planning on doing some small chapters again. Most likely with Shikamaru. Yes, I love him, so leave me alone. Everyone has there own little crush on a character, mine is Shikamaru.

I have an older story out there called New chance, it is for Hatori, from Fruits Basket, can anyone read it and tell me what they think? It is too weird, is it okay? I wish I had one review so I know if it is a good story. I know I am begging....

About reviews, love to hear from you. I have dyslexia and I tend to leave words out without realizing it. Even after I get it checked by another reader!! It also tells me if I am making my characters too Mary-Sue. I did that once and had a review tell me spot on. And because I changed the reader, a lot more people like my updated version. So reviews are welcome.

Stories that are floating in my head

Vincent from Vampire Doll

Maybe a Ichigo story, from Bleach.

Hijiri from Descendants of Darkness

Ion from Trinity Blood

Uryu from Bleach

Goku from Saiyuki, who is being really difficult to work with.....

all of which don\'t have a decide number of chapters, or a complete story line....Just ideas floating in my head. You know, write a few lines down then throw them away ideas.....

But all in all I have started to get back in the flow, what with college and all that coming my way.

And if any of you have request, I will try my best and write one up for you!!!
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