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Hello all of you lovely people!
My pen name is Sandra, Dinah, or whatever I come up with XD when I have a moment of narcissism I may address myself as \"Empress of the Universe,\" but those times are rare. By my fellow students, I am referred to as \'the Enigma\'... I\'m still trying to figure out if this is a good thing or not. I don\'t really like describing myself. Normally because I don\'t want to come off as narcissistic, or insecure. I guess I can say I\'ve been writing for four years now, and I\'ve loved every minute of it. My sense of humor can be dark and dry, but hopefully you\'ll find it somewhat amusing.

I was originally a writer on quizilla, which is where I strangely became inspired to push myself further in writing. I can\'t say it was one of the best starts, but inspiration is inspiration all the same, and I am glad that my love for writing began somewhere.

I don\'t know really what else to say about myself. I like turtles! That\'s one thing that will most likely become abundantly clear in the future. One of my favorite things to do is write, I\'d like to have a published career eventually. Fingers crossed!

My writing style is based around third and second person. I normally will only use second person for fanfictions though, while third is normally used for original work. My current writing interests lay mostly with fantasy writing, which I think has long gone unappreciated when it truly has to be one of the most innovative genres in use. At least... in my opinion.

I enjoy reading, writing, drawing, watching youtube dreck as well as spending many hours avoiding homework as if it is the plague (don\'t we all?). I go to an anime convention once a year, in cosplay, of course. My favorite thing to do is try and find a one-of-a-kind cosplay that no one else will be wearing that year! which is something I actually recently accomplished! I currently am known for two cosplays, Captain Hitsugaya (I must say crossplaying can be painful -you really can\'t breathe), and Rita Mordio, which is the costume which successfully allowed me to be one-of-a-kind.

My pet peeves are: grammatical and spelling errors, skewed storylines -writing wise at least. It bothers me somewhat when someone sends me a message written completely in text language... trying to say something- which I do not understand!

My favorite writers are: Stephen King, Christopher Paolini, and Tokien. there are, of course others but I want to avoid extensive lists on my profile.

I will say my favorite games are: Fire Emblem, Tales of Symphonia, Assassin\'s creed, and Trauma center

My current writing projects are:

Temper, temper (Durarara!! Fanfiction, Shizuo x Reader (OC: Mitsu)

In the near future, I will be posting Fire Emblem one-shots. Currently, I\'m addicted to the newly released Fire Emblem: Awakening. So there will definitely be characters from that game as well as from past games as well. I am also thinking of posting a Fire Emblem fanfiction that will probably span over ten chapters. The trade-off is that these chapters will be much longer than the ones that I write for \'Temper, Temper\'. We\'ll see how it goes, I suppose.

Thank you for your time~!
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