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Name: Caraina
Alias: Caraina Tinasa
Status: Author
Join Date: 08/15/11
Last Logged In: 10/03/18
Skin: Shuriken
I'm very excited to be one of your new Community Moderators!
If you have any questions about non-validation related things, shoot me an email.
or send me a pm on the backup forums.

If you couldn't tell by the ratio of stories I've favorited to stories I've written, I haven't been the most active author on here...

As a college student, I feel like my journey through the challenges of adulthood are very much like the game QWOP. Even if I do get good at it, there is no way that I look natural in my accomplishments and I still frequently fall on my face/ accidentally move back a few meters.

As a writer, I love Luna because I feel like this is a wonderful place to grow my writing skills and abilities.

As a psychologist, I greatly appreciate the emotional outlet that writing provides and I find the behaviors and ideas that it allows one to express unendlingly fascinating.

As a woman who likes a stupid amount of fictional men, I appreciate how thirsty we all are. Truly, thank you all for being so thirsty with me.
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