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Name: lovexthexworld
Alias: Holly (not my real name, but I like it better)
Status: Member
Join Date: 10/18/11
Last Logged In: 08/13/12
Skin: Pink
I am in love with the anime sengoku basara.
Anime I know:
Sengoku basara
Sgt. Frog
Yugioh(does that count?)
Tokyo mew mew
Black butler
Spice and wolf
Lucky star
Soul eater
Death note
And more that I can\'t remember :D
It\'s almost sad how easily I forget things -.-
About me:
I like to wright and animate. I love to play video games and silently fangirl over some characters, but it goes compleatly unnoticed. I fangirl alone, boys and girls. -grin-
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