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I'm a wannabe romance novelist hiding my crap from my friends.

3/7/13- So, I'm.... well this is a little difficult to say because I rarely tell people this but, I'm bipolar and for the past few months I've been in treatment. I'm still in treatment, but it's given so much time to write. I've written a few fics that I'll publish soon so look forward to it. Here's what I've got:

Dealing With The Devil (Homestuck)-Dave makes a deal with the Devil (Addressed as Lucifer in this fic) to bring back his friends after die. Extremely sad and violent. I warned you.

Mother (Thor: The Dark World)- Loki reflects on his thoughts of Frigga

Yo Soy Pan (Homestuck)-Dave tells his Bro about his sexuality

The Secret of Victoria (Deadpool)-Deadpool goes shopping. At Victoria's Secret.

Cosmic Love (Sailor Moon)- An experimental song fic based off "Cosmic Love" by Florence+The Machine, Usagi x Mamoru

Three Moms (Sailor Moon)- Hotaru learns about parenting.

Heartbreaker Crew (Kingdom Hearts)-Oh god, you have no idea how long I've had this idea in my head. I swear my new meds have given me the chance to finally write it down. It's an AU where the Org.XIII are heartless creatures (but not Heartless) who hunt people down and eat their hearts. Roxas joins and learns the rules (Which, I'm honestly going to say is inspired by Marina and the Diamonds's "How to be a Heartbreaker"). But one day a new member joins and he may just break the rules.

I will try to publish them as soon as I get discharged.
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