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^ Oh, hai thar~! XD ^

Penname: Valkyrie Alice

Real Name: Felicia

Gender: Female, duhh. ^^

Age: 13 (Hehe, yea~)

Nationality: Filipino

Lives: In California, bro!!!


Looks: Brown eyes with a hint of gray, braces (GRRR.), and long layered hair that was originally dark brown... before I bleached it, dyed it pinkish purple, and then bleached it again before dying it red. (Now it\'s like a freakin\' rainbow of bleach blond, dirty blond, brown, orange, and dark red! XD)

Currently Obsessed With: The Hunger Games, and its characters. (The Hunger Games is NOT like Twilight!!! *rants about how the Hunger Games doesn\'t have sparkly vampires*)

Currently Reading: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Currently Listening To: The voice inside my head!!! (AHH. *brick\'d for being a retard* XD)

Currently Craving: Something salty.

Hobbies: (Besides typical otaku stuffs.) Reading, writing, dreaming, and being a procrastinating pro.

Annyoyed By: Bad Spelling, Incorrect Grammar/Punctuation, racism, people that think they\'re better than everyone else, Mary-Sues (*coughSASAGAWAKYOKOcough*), and flat-out jerkwads and hoebags. (\'Scuse my language~ ;D)

* * *

Okay, lovelies~ now here\'s my (SUPEREFFINGLONG) list of my favorite anime/manga/video game characters!! :DD

Kozato Enma | Kurosaki Ichigo | Ciel Phantomhive | Sawada Tsunayoshi | Akasuna no Sasori | Cloud Strife | Joshua | Lightning | Akihiko Sanada | Roxas | Edward Elric | Yousuke Hanamura | Nero | Neku Sakuraba | Alistair | Gray | Sebastian Michaelis | Momiji Sohma | Minato Arisato | Kyo Sohma | Hibari Kyoya | Red | Squall Leonhart | Link | Alphonse Elric | Giotto | Hope Estheim | Dokuro Chrome | Nero | Roronoa Zoro | Ken Amada | Fenris | Dante | Theo | Matt | Train Heartnet | Ryoji Mochizuki/Pharos | Hyuuga Hinata | Mello | Naoto Shirogane | Sora | Miura Haru | Minako Arisato | Death the Kid | Shinjiro Aragaki | Black Star | L | Hatsuharu Sohma | Yamamoto Takeshi | Soul Eater Evans | Demyx | Drew | Prompto | Cecil Harvey | Axel | Hitsugaya Toshiro | Colonello | Maka Albarn | Vergil | Noctis Lucis Caelum | Noel Kreiss | Natsu | Green | Kuchiki Rukia | Howl

^ Holy crap, that was loooong. ^^U ^

Now for the ones from books and T.V. shows~?

Kenny McCormick | Finnick Odair | Kyle Broflovski | Marshall Lee | Peeta Mellark | Finn the Human | Stan Marsh | Haymitch Abernathy (Just \'cuz the young Haymitch is supposed to be hot and the actual Haymitch is just plain awesome... besides him being constantly drunk, of course. ^^U)

Yep... not a big list.

* * *

Paramore | Panic! At the Disco | Skrillex | Deadmau5 | 3Oh!3 | Never Shout Never | Kanye West | Flyleaf | Green Day | The Offspring | Never Shout Never | Nicki Minaj | YUI | J. Cole | Simple Plan | Ludo | Evanescence | DEV |My Chemical Romance | Gorillaz | Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Lily Allen | Avril Lavigne | (etc., etc., etc...)

* * *

In the Works:

...Erm, nothing yet. ^^U I\'m super new to this site, so I\'m tryng to get started on anything I can!

* * *



April 21, 2012, Saturday. Subject: Hallo.

Ello dere~! :DD My name is Valkyrie Alice, which is obvious, and I\'m a new member on Lunaescence... whish is also obvious...? *blah* Aaaanywaayys~ I might be new on Luna but I\'ve been reading/reviewing on this site for a while now. ^^ I love how great the stories on this site are, as I\'ve been a little dissapointed at the other ones I\'ve been on. (Except for Jamly Fics, Freedom of Speech, and Pirates Board Fiction. Those are pretty fun writing sites, too.) I\'m excited to be a part of Lunaescence, and I can\'t wait until you guys can see my stories! I\'ll get to them as soon as I can. :) Thank you to whoever is reading this! ^o^

* * *

You are a Chibi Seme

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Most compatible with: Flaming Uke, Badass Uke

Least compatible with: Dramatic Uke

What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at, or get seme/uke merch..

*insert random shizz right about heerree~?*

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