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Name: Krimskii
Alias: Chibi-chan and Jins Lady
Status: Author
Join Date: 05/08/07
Last Logged In: 03/21/13
Skin: Shuriken
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Name: Jin\'s Lady
Age: 20
Birthday: July 11
Western Sign: Cancer
Chinese Symbol: Ram
Favourite Manga: Tsubasa,Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Bleach, Naruto, Shaman King and Pet Shop of Horrors
Favourite Anime: Too many to list...
Favourite Book: The Count of Monte Cristo
Favourite Meal: Sushi and Iced Tea!
H/C: Currently red-ish brown with my natural roots showing.
E/C: Amber (Yes, amber you fruitcakes!)
Height: Fairly Tall

Name: Chibi-chan
Age: 20
Birthday: September 14
Western Sign: Virgo
Chinese Symbol: Ram
Favourite Manga: Fruits Basket
Favourite Anime: FullMetal Alchemist and Naruto
Favourite book: Harry Potter and LOTR
Favourite Meal: Poutine and Diet Coke
H/C: Brown
E/C: Green
Height: Short and proud of it

Cool News/Notes on the Authors lives
-Jin is back! [Surprisingly] and with some updates! As usual, she is slow so updates will be slow but! She has also started university and her exams are coming up. She\'s only got two but still we wish her luck!
-All stories are owned by the Authors but, not the original stories themselves; just the plots and their bunnies.

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Devianart: Krimskii
Quizilla: Krimskii
Fanfiction.Net: Krimskii
Freedom Of Speech Fanfiction: Krimksii24
Anime Spiral: Krimskii22

Currently working on
-Challenge \'25 Emotions\'-Colonello Addition
-Challenge \'100 little drabbles\'
-Challenge \'115 Words\'
-My own little drabbles

Completed works
~Emotion Challenges~
~Emotion Faults~
~Emotion Illusions~

Life, things and a rant or two
November 5, 2011 Okay, so I\'m like a terrible author but I\'ve had quite the life. Let me tell you. I\'ve also had the trauma of loosing my USB stick that holds most of stories on it. I recently found it (and when I mean recent I mean like two days ago.) And I think I lost the Aftermath story. Not sure where it went but it might be somewhere in my documents. Time to go hunting. I want to finsh 115 Emotions, along with Anpassuing and Emotional Guns. Then maybe I can start putting up some new stuff. Like my Nuzlocke run. Which I\'m sure some of you will cry at. Maybe.
-Cheers! Jin\'s Lady
December 3, 2010 Okay so. Life hasn\'t been that great to me this year but I will try my best to be a better author then I have been this past year. I hope you all accept that. Thank you for reading and giving me a chance to make you either liek me again or believe in me.
-Hello!Goodbye, Jin\'s Lady
January 29, 2010 So. I wanna be validated so I can just do a mass upload. Thats about it actually. Enjoy!
-Cheers! Jin\'s Lady
January 8, 2010 New stresses, pain in my ass-es and a never ending moment of biting people\'s face off. All of this has left me very uncreative. I can\'t even draw for pities sake! And I always can draw or paint or something; even when I can\'t write. This stupid of Co-op is draining the life out of me. I cannot wait for it to be over. The only thing that I will miss is my placement; which is at the Royal Ontario Museum. Thats it, not the work, and not my teacher. Just the people at my placement and the place itself. *Sigh* Well I guess thats it for now.
-Cheers. Jin\'s Lady
August 27, 2009 For some reason, I\'m feeling really Emo and all of my pre-written drabbles reflect that. Dunno why but they do. I just really want to fall off the edge for a while and some back when everything is better.
Better job, might help; hell even a family that gives crap once and a while without laughing about it would be fine! Shit, this a teenage crisis I can hear them say it even when they aren\'t even home. Man, life sucks right now. Updates make me happy. Yes, yes they do.
-Alright, life rant over. Jin\'s Lady OUT.
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